Mini Reviews: Baker Street, Wonderland, and a Teapot

The Baker Street Four #1. Insight Comics (May 2017) NetGalley
The Baker Street Four are a group of spies that watch the streets of London for the infamous Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Billy, Charlie, Tom, and their cat get into saving lives and stopping villains in this story. They set out to save a girl after she's been kidnapped and find the truth when a Russian immigrant is framed for a crime Jack the Ripper would appreciate.

The art design is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't applaud Etien's artistry more. The illustrations were colorful, detailed, and had a unique style that fit perfectly with the story. The story though... did not fair well for me. The way the ARC was given to me the words were separate from the actual images. It made the story difficult to follow but even without the complication I think it would have been hard to follow nonetheless. I don't know if it's just me but the accents threw me off as well. I've read books where characters have accents before but this one didn't work for me. I just ended up being bored although I do like the potential of the characters. There just needed to be more direction when it came to the plot.

Thanks to NetGalley and Insight Comics for providing me with a copy of The Baker Street Four in exchange for an honest review!


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland #1. Puffin Classics (Nov. 2015) Library 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a classic book I hadn't read until this year. I love Wonderland in the movies but when I tried reading the story once, when I got to her crying tears, I rolled my eyes and put the book away. It was interesting me anymore. I wanted to give it another shot when I saw this beautiful cover and I'm glad that I did! I can't go around and call myself a reader if I haven't read this book now can I?

I enjoyed the illustrations in this version. It felt more like a book I would read aloud to kids than anything. I liked the story a whole lot more this time especially when I met the Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts, and the Blue Caterpillar. There were some weird new things that happens only in the books. I was only really bored one time which was when she went to this island and was talking to a turtle. Other than that I was quite content in following Alice through Wonderland. Alice isn't the brightest child but she does have a curious mind. I was happy afterwards knowing that the movies inspiration was a magical one. It just took me giving it a second chance.

Book #1. Self-Published (March 2016) Author
Hannah's father was everything to her. He would always come back with something from his travels. Something interesting and magical. That's why she rubs a teapot on her dad's funeral and goes through an adventure to save her dad. 

I couldn't get into this adventure story. I loved the father daughter bond going on but everything else felt flat. It's an emotional thing to lose someone so close to you but there was something about this story that didn't click for me. I also didn't like how Hannah's mom reaction to things. I just wish I would have liked this.


Have you read any of these books? 
What did you think?


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you didn't like The Ugly Teapot. I found it rather enjoyable - but obviously not every book for every reader!


  2. Ok, I'm super weird because I enjoy Alice retellings, but I read the book a year or two ago and couldn't stand it. I found Alice to be a whiny little brat. I can TOTALLY relate to you feelings. GetSocial17

  3. I like the cover for The Baker Street Four- sorry you didn't enjoy it more! Alice in Wonderland is definitely an interesting read. I agree with you about Alice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh that's a shame about The Baker Street Four. The premise sounds interesting though. Hopefully they fix that because it could end up being a really great idea. #GetSocial17

  5. I've had Alice in Wonderland on my TBR for a while. In fact, there are a lot of classics - like Treasure Island - that I have on my list to read. It feels wrong knowing so much about them but never actually having read them for myself!

  6. Ahh it's a shame The Baker Street novel wasn't very good. I so like Sherlock Holmes-related books and movies. I hope you have a great weekend! - Mama Vicky #GetSocial17

  7. I love mini reviews :) The Baker Street Four sounds awesome! It's such a cool thing to make a story of! I'd totally read that.
    And those Puffin covers are just unbelievably pretty :)
    It is too bad you didn't like the teapot one. Sounds good from the premise.
    Oh yeah, and happy late #getsocial2017 :)


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