Books On Her Mind Weekly Wrap Up #6

This past week was me just reading and getting ready to teach very soon. The seminars I had to be a part of gave me some ease. The assignments don't seem that bad... I just need to make it a priority which is why I've been reading so much. I'm going to finalize most of my posts for January so I don't have to think about it. My next seminar is Wednesday and I meet me CT then too. I get to meet the kids on Thursday. I'm extremely anxious to get on with it already. I just don't want to get red as a tomato or start stuttering when I first meet them... I don't do public speaking. I know I'm becoming a teacher but it's different when I'm used to people. It's also going to be very different to teach a whole entire class.

I'm linking this to The Sunday Post hosted @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Books Read

I'm only posting the books I read on January 1st because the other books will be announced tomorrow since it's the Bout of Books Wrap Up.

Last Week on the Blog

Challenge Updates

  • Beat the Backlist: 4/54 books read (1 reviewed) Total Points: 105
  • Foodies Read 2017: 1/4 books read (0 reviewed)
  • 2017 Steampunk Reading Challenge: 1/6 books read (0 reviewed)
  • Operation Deepen Faith: Genesis Chapters 10 - 12 
    • Need to catch up with my reading. So far I've been wondering how they remembered all these ancestors names and why Abram was the chosen one.
  • Audiobook Challenge 2017: 0/5 books read
  • 2017 Graphic Novel and Manga Challenge: 1/52 books read (0 reviewed)


  • Workout: Core/Back/Glutes/Hamstrings
  • Jog/Walk (1 min. jog/3 min. walk) 1.1 miles

Ugh! I got busy and sore and sick. My week could have been better. I'm no longer sick or sore so I better kick it up a notch this week.

Mother Daughter Book Club

Me and my mom finished our first book together! I ended up getting shocked at the end. I don't know if I want to read the sequel. It's my turn to pick the next book so I have to get on that soon.

Reading Next

What did you read this past week?


  1. I feel the same way about public speaking - put me in front of a strange audience and I will turn bright red, but I can happily do a storytime for 100+ people, no problem! It's all about being in your element and your comfort zone. Good luck!

  2. Good luck Adriana, once you meet the kids and get started I am sure everything will fall into place.


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