Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals + December Wrap-Up

It's 2017 and I'm up for a crazy year ahead of me. I have student teaching coming up next week that gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I also have to start looking for places to send my resume - I have to create a resume! This is the start of everything. I feel like a new chapter is coming upon me and I need to get ready for it. Stay positive and work hard. But working hard doesn't mean I have to completely abandon everything. My goals for this year demonstrate that:

My Career Goals

  • Get organized (I can be a little disorganized when I get overwhelmed so I need to plan for those times and be organized throughout my time student teaching and teaching. There is no room for error.)
  • Treat student teaching like it's my job. (I'm not only there to learn and practice but to be a teacher. I need to take every moment like this is my full time job. Breathe. Live. Teach.)
  • Apply at various teaching jobs and get a full time job! 
  • Be positive. (I get nervous quite easily when I'm in a new situation but all I need to do is stay positive and plan and I'll be fine.)
  • Take it one day at a time. (This will be an experience that will go on for most of the rest of your life. You are new at teaching so don't sweat the small stuff. You will learn. Life is long and crazy. You got this.)

My Personal Goals

  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Run your second 5k.
  • Spend more time out of the house.
  • Learn more recipes.

My Bookish Goals

  • Read as much as you can. (I'll be working but I can always take one hour/half an hour a day to read something)
  • Read the bible. (I need to get back to being more spiritual.) 


Books Read

January Planned Reads

I'm planning on reading a lot this first week of January so I can read the remaining books slowly throughout the rest of the month.

What are your goals/planned reads?

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