If I Should Wake Before I Dream by Brittany Mershon

Book #1. Kindle Direct Publishing (2016) Author/Group
Ever wonder what happens if you die in one of your dreams? Tessa never thought much about her death or her dreams until the night she managed to escape from the mysterious fire that killed her parents. Desperately seeking the truth about what happened that night, Tessa discovers she is revisiting the tragedy every night in her dreams. What she doesn’t realize is that a handsome stranger has his eye on her each time she watches her lake house burn.

Tessa can't escape her dreams of fire and feelings of despair as she tries but fails to save her parents from a fire she doesn't remember how she survived. She's seen as an outcast by her sister and her schoolmates. It's not too surprising since she can't remember how she survived, how the fire started, and that her hair inexplicably turned from blond to bright orange. Things start to unravel when a mysterious boy named Raven inside her dream starts talking to her - in the only way a dark haired brooding boy can - rudely. Of course, Tessa can't help fight back at his words while being immensely curious how this boy can be in her dream. Who or what is Raven? How did she escape the fire? Why can't she remember that night? Raven serves as a catalyst to solving the mystery of that fateful night and revealing the danger that lurks in the corner.

If I Should Dream Before I Wake starts out having a great mystery with elements of mythology. There was so much potential just waiting to be discovered. However, it turns into a story that I couldn't help roll my eyes at. The plot is interesting but it's the dialogue and the way the story progressed with the characters that got to me. Raven and Tessa's relationship went way too fast, Jeremy's lack of kindness towards his "friend" just made no sense, and the friendship Tessa formed with the new girl was awkwardly formed. The relationships, how they were formed, and where they were going, made me start skimming while reading. I wish I could have connected with Tessa... anyone really, but it didn't work out.


  1. Aw, sorry this didn't really work. It has SUCH a cool premise!


    1. I know right!? I'm getting unlucky with my books lately.


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