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Everyone knows that for a hero to get their happily ever after they must go on a quest. I'm not talking about a quest to saving a damsel in distress, which is the norm but I like the girls or guys saving the day equally, I'm talking about a quest full of danger, heroics, and destiny. If I were to go on a quest, I would go far and wide to places I can only dream of and places I hope to see one day.

The Quest

First of all, I have to have a reason for this quest. My imagination in this area only goes so far as what I've read and seen in books and movies. But, it's happening to me so it has to be cool and won't have any giant spiders (*cough* *cough* Harry Potter) coming to eat me. So on this quest I plan on....

Saving my kingdom from a villain most foul who seeks to destroy me and the kingdom I love by casting a curse, a sickness spell, on my people. My goal is to find a spell to reverse the one put on my kingdom.

The Journey

If I could anywhere on my journey I would go see the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Sherwood Forest in England

The Scottish Highlands

The Enchanted Forest

And finally to a certain Wardrobe...

Where would you want to go on a quest?


  1. I would definitely want to visit that wardrobe. I hear it's much larger on the inside that it looks.

    I would also want to go on a quest to a mountain top in Canada and to a certain magical school in England.

    1. Haha! I was going to say Hogwarts but I feel like it would be a little weird of a place to go on a journey too.

  2. Oooh anywhere in the world of Harry Potter would be great. But yes, no giant spiders please!!


    1. I hated those spiders in the movie! I was with Ron all the way.

  3. Your quest sounds beautiful and I wish you well on it! I am not sure where I would want to go on a quest- but I would want it to be somewhere pretty and a temperature that I like. :)

    1. With me I would have to make sure to go when it is relatively warm anywhere.

  4. Do you need a side kick? Because I would love to travel to all of these places with you.
    I would totally go on a quest to the Enchanted Forest!I might just run into my Prince Charming along the way. Hogwarts would also be a great quest destination!


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