Crystal Cadets

Crystal Cadets #1. Roar Comics (Jan. 2016) NetGalley
Cadets Go! Join this team of darkness-fighting, world-saving, power-packed teen girls from all over the world on their first adventure! Zoe has always felt out of place; her foster parents are great and all, but she's long felt like something was missing. That is, of course, until she discovers a mysterious gem left to her by her birth mother and her whole universe gets flipped around! When the crystal grants Zoe mysterious powers of light she becomes the Diamond Cadet, and she's not the only one; suddenly she's meeting new friends who shoot flames and glowing green arrows. It's all fun at first, but when The Darkness possesses Zoe's foster parents her only choice is to join this wild group of action-hero girls, traveling the globe to defeat The Darkness and find a cure! 

Zoe is a bit of a misfit. She gets made fun of by the girls at her school. Unbeknownst to her - her life is going to change forever when she receives a letter from her birth mother. In the letter is a crystal - a diamond to be precise. She's soon thrust into the world of good versus evil. When the darkness takes over her parents she goes around the world finding other crystal cadets like her and trying to find a way to save her parents. Meanwhile she must fight the darkness that's trying to take over the world.


I couldn't help but think of Steven Universe when I was first thinking of reading Crystal Cadets. The artwork especially had me excited to read about this whole new invention with girls saving the world. What I couldn't predict was how fast paced Crystal Cadets was going to be. In such a way where I could not get into the story. I wish everything would have slowed down so the idea of the Crystal Cadets could have been explained. Also, I wanted to get to know the characters and their personalities. There was no way I could do all that with the pace of the story. It's unfortunate, there was so much potential. I did really like the art and the concept of the story. Having your own crystal that gives you power and what seems like a familiar that you can ride and fight with is pretty awesome. I just don't think the story was executed correctly. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Roar Comics for providing me with Crystal Cadets in exchange for an honest review!

If you had your own crystal what do you think it would be and what animal would you want as a fighting companion?


  1. This looks and sounds amazing! I'm going to head over to Amazon to add this to our wishlist! My little girls have really been enjoying graphic novels lately and it's really hard having to find ones that are kid friendly. Great review!

    1. it wasn't the greatest read for e but I'm sure your girls will enjoy it since the age group is for someone much younger than me.


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