A Practically Perfect Princess in Every Way

Now I know the word "perfect" isn't something we frantically must try to achieve for our lives to be fulfilled. Everyone is perfect the way they are and if they think they can achieve better in their lives than that is great. When I am thinking the "perfect" princess I'm thinking of the princess that I can admire for her character and skills. I think I've come up with all that would make my perfect princess.

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No damsels in distress allowed

I mean it's great to have a charming, sweet, ruffian trying to save the day but not at the expense of a princesses integrity. I'd rather my princess save her own life/kingdom without a prince getting in the way.

This girl does whatever it takes to survive and feed her family then she goes on to try to save her man. The odds are stacked against Feyre, but she will do anything to save the ones she loves.


But she has the capacity to lean on some great friends

There is nothing worse than a stubborn princess who doesn't put her trust in her friends. I mean stubbornness is a great trait of mine but if I couldn't lean on others in times of need than I would be a fool. 

Who exemplifies this? ~ Blue from The Raven Cycle series

Blue puts her trust in these three boys that think Gansey is their leader. But Blue is the key to everything and she gets everything started. Her friends have her back and she has theirs.


Which she might drive crazy with her spontaneous leap-into-action nature

Having that adventurous nature might get her into trouble but it's what makes her life so much more interesting. Just going for whatever needs done makes this princess a fearless one.

Who exemplifies this? ~ Will Scarlet from Scarlet

A girl posing as a guy. She might want to leave her past behind and not rely on her friends but, she always will fight first and ask questions later. Living in a corrupt town, she's actually making a wise choice. She's also clever and fearless enough to save innocent people from danger.


She just can't help that she must do anything to help those in need

Morals are the top priority for my princess. being a good person is one of the goals that I think all princesses should strive for. If they don't then what makes them so great?

Clara goes against what she must do in order to save her friends and family. She makes mistakes but her intentions and sacrifice are always there.


Her quick wit can her into and out of trouble

Intelligence and being quick on her feet will get this princess on the right track to save her kingdom.

Who exemplifies this? ~ Katarina from The Heist Society

Katarina is always a force to be reckoned with. Everyone comes to her for her for ideas and strategies to get the job done. Without her being quick on her feet, she and her crew would have been caught countless of times.


If her wit fails then her weapon of choice will surely fix that

I don't care what weapon(s) my princess has - sword, daggers, a bow and arrows, a mace, an axe or her fists - if she has the skills to fight off her enemies she has scored points with me.

Who exemplifies this? ~ Nastya from The Sea of Tranquility

Although broken from a past tragedy, Nastya has skills that will have anyone coming at her quickly running away. She can hit hard and run fast so you don't want to mess with this small but ferocious girl.


She must follow her own journey

She should never let anyone dictate her path in life. It's great to follow rules but breaking them for something you stand for and/or your happiness is what can make a princess a cut above the rest.

Who exemplifies this? ~ D.J. Swenk from Dairy Queen

With her quiet nature, you would never expect her to "break the rules" and make her high school football team. No one, not even the guy she likes, can make her stop doing what she loves.


What characteristics and personality would your princess or prince have? Can you think of any characters that could fill any of these categories?


  1. I love these! I like princesses/heroines to be able to fight for themselves, but not at the complete exclusion of friends!


    1. Thank you! I'm as stubborn as it gets but I don't like foolish princesses.

  2. I very much admire princess character arcs that keep a positive outlook in life and every circumstance for that matter despite the waves of pessimism and trials. Also, a princess that sees the beauty in everything popular opinion deems meaningless.

    Thanks for lining up these books for me! I have A Court of Thorns and Roses and the Raven Cycle series on my TBR. I hope I get to read them soon! But that Scarlet book cover though, goodness me, it's gorgeous!

    1. A positive outlook is a good one! I should have just thought of Disney's Rapunzel and figured that out.

      Scarlet has such a pretty cover when you have it physically in your hand.

  3. I have been wanting to read Scarlet and The Sea of Tranquility for ages. Great to read how the characters are so strong! :)


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