Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Standalone. Margaret K. McElderry Books (July 2014) Own
It came from the woods. Most strange things do.'Five mysterious, spine-tingling stories follow journeys into (and out of?) the eerie abyss. These chilling tales spring from the macabre imagination of acclaimed and award-winning comic creator Emily Carroll.Come take a walk in the woods and see what awaits you there...

If you are looking for dark twisted short stories then look no further. That's exactly what Emily Carroll's Through the Woods is all about along with gorgeous artwork that is a feast for the eyes.

I seriously didn't know how twisted this book would be. I'm laughing now thinking of my naivety but I wasn't laughing reading Through the Woods. I was baffled by how the stories transformed. I felt hope for the innocent characters which was quickly extinguished as I read on. And again I can't help but laugh at how true that statement is.

"We didn't leave the next day either.
But my sister was different.
No longer angry.
She was happy.
She said a man had come to the door in the night.
(Yet I had heard no knock).
(And there were no footprints in the snow outside).
She said, "He was a tall man, in a wide-brimmed hat, with a smile that showed all his teeth"
But anything else, my sister would not say.

The stories included in Through the Woods are An Introduction, Our Neighbors House, A Lady's Hands are Cold, His Face All Red, My Friend Janna, The Nesting Place, and In Conclusion. The introduction is obviously an introduction with a simple story of what to expect in the story. Our Neighbors House has three sisters being visited by a man in a wide-brimmed hat. A Lady's Hands Are Cold has a newly wedded woman living with her new husband. She constantly hears a song coming from the house ever night. His Face All Red is a tale of two brother's who went into the woods and one came back... My Friend Janna is about two friends conning others with the idea that one of them is a medium. The Nesting Place is probably the creepiest read. A girl goes to live with her brother and his wife. Things get crazy. And finally, In Conclusion gives us a little warning about monsters and being safe.

Through the Woods was a wonderfully deliciously dark adventure. Emily Carroll's artwork was the cherry on top. I look forward to reading other works by her or just simply staring at her illustrations. The hype is real people!


  1. I LOVE your new look Adriana, it's so fresh and crisp and just lovely. Ooh, this looks fabulous! I'm a bit fan of new weird and wonderful reads and this sounds absolutely perfect. Those illustrations are divine! It's worth the read for those alone. Is it more mature middle grade? Towards the latter half of last year, I really started to get into younger reads, especially those with illustrations scattered throughout and I can't wait to grab a copy. Wonderful review poppet, so glad you really enjoyed this one <3

    1. Thank you Dena! I wouldn't say it was middle grade although I'm sure a mature middle grader would enjoy it. It's more YA. It isn't too scary but scary enough where younger kids might get too spooked. There are a lot of great MG books out there. I'd try reading Shannon Hale if I were you. I loved Goose Girl by her (there aren't any illustrations though). Sarah Weeks also has some fluffy kids reads that are really sweet like Honey and Pie.

  2. This book is soooo twisted and creepy! It freaked me out. The pictures....ahhh! I agree with you on this, the hype is real! Such a good read.

  3. I've certainly known kids and teens who would love this, but honestly? It sounds too creepy for me. I was never fond of scary stories, and I'm even less so now.

    1. Well that's alright. Not everyone loves creepy/horror books. But I'm sure some teens and kids will enjoy Through the Woods.

  4. I have been wanting to read this graphic novel for a while now. You have made me want to read it even more! I am about to see if my library has it right now.

  5. I loved this book too! So glad you liked it.

  6. This book was so creepy - the artwork and stark use of color really added to the stories. I checked it out from my library last year but it is one where I might eventually buy my own copy as I can see leafing through it again during the Halloween season. Great thoughts!

  7. I've never heard of this one!! I'll admit, I didn't realize how many graphic novel genres were even out there. I definitely need to check this out!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  8. Sounds like a strange and interesting read. :)


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