21 Things About Me

After reading Chasing Faerytales's post - Confessions of a 16 year Old - I was reminded how fun Paper Fury's 21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me was as well. Both of these girls, Mishma and Cait, inspired this post that'll let you get to know me a little better. 

If you can't tell it took me a lot of trials of error to edit that Rapunzel image above with the help of this video. I've always wanted to make my own Rapunzel so that was fun and if you happen to want to do the same with any other Disney character than slow down the video on the settings tab in order to understand what is going on.

1) I'm a homebody

You will find more than likely that I'm in my house relaxing with a good book, on the internet, or huffing and puffing as I do my workout videos. I really don't care to go outside that much. 

2) I Volunteer at the Library

I'm more of a library goer than a book buyer so volunteering at the library is like a dream come true when it comes to discovering new books. I'll usually end up checking out more books than I planned... whoops.

3) I'm a sucker for a romance

In any book, movie, video game - I will look for a romance. I blame my mother. I used to watch all the sappy romance movies with her growing up and I can't get enough of them. This is probably also why I am a hopeless romantic.

4) I can read my mother's mind

I'm the youngest out of three and the only girl. So I was always with my mom. Throughout the years we have both noticed that we think the same things or notice the same things. I feel like I know my mother more than anyone else.

5) I give my honest opinion

I took that Divergent quiz and I was put into Candor for a reason. I am very honest with the people I know and with myself. If you ask I'll most likely be straight up with you if I actually know you and talk with you regularly.

6) I'm very shy when I first meet people

It takes me a while to warm up to people and get used to new situations. You might think I'm being standoffish but really I'm having an eternal war with myself inside my head. 

7) I'm a daydreamer

I'm usually lost in my head daydreaming about one thing or another. It's a little bit of a problem when I'm in class or walking around making who knows what face.

8) I like watching kids shows

I'll watch anything but I love watching kids shows. The shows are way out of my age range but I can't help enjoying them when nothing good is on which is usually often.

9) I'm afraid to fly on airplanes

I don't care about the statistics! That high for hours is like the scariest roller coaster that if it stops working will fall to the ground and there goes your life.

10) I can't drive

21 years old and I still don't have my driver's license. It's the bane of my existence! I really don't enjoy driving but I've gotten used to it. I still need more practice and can never park on the first try.

11) I ramble

I am the worst storyteller on the face of this Earth! If an event happens I can not retell it. You won't understand what I'm saying because I ramble on out of sequence and it turns into a train wreck.

12) Artists - I'm in awe of you

I absolute love art. I can hardly draw myself but I love finding new artists and being awed by their work.

13) Public speaking is my nightmare

Public speaking for me hardly ever goes smoothly. My words jumble around me, I pick up my pace too much, and I'll get as red as a tomato. It's really bad especially since I plan on becoming a teacher. Although, coincidentally it's easier to speak with little kids than adults so it's not too much of a problem.

14) The beach is my favorite place

No, not a library or bookstore. The beach is my favorite place. I love the sun on my skin and relaxing in the water as long as their isn't too much seaweed. My dream home would be living by the beach.

15) I hang out with my family more than my friends

I unfortunately hardly spend time with my friends but I do enjoy spending time with my family. I'm usually at a party, get together, baby shower, or wedding with my family members. They are all very fun to be around.

16) I'm Cuban American but don't speak any Spanish

I never really cared that I didn't speak Spanish before. Later on I became a little upset because others didn't even think I was Hispanic because I never spoke Spanish. It was really frustrating. Now I think it would benefit me to learn Spanish but I still don't know if I have the desire.

17) I'm so cheap!

I HATE spending money. Sure, I'll buy books once in a while but I'm the type of person that'll regret what they buy if it goes over a certain amount. I don't like going out and sharing the payment of a meal either. I just want to pay for my own food!

18) I don't drink alcohol

I don't know how people can drink alcohol. It all tastes pretty much equally horrible. It's the same thing with coffee. I don't want to acquire a taste for something. 

19) I have bad luck with cats

My first cat left, my second cat died, and my third cat loves my brother more than me. My first two cats actually liked me but one wasn't neutered and the other one was always wild and must have gotten disoriented during a storm. I love all my cats but I clearly can't handle them on my own.

20) My music tastes aren't really diverse

I basically listen to pop and rock and usually popular rock music as well as classic rock. I do sometimes find music from my brothers that I enjoy but I mainly listen to popular music. My brother's are annoyed by this.

 21) Blogging makes me happy

I love every one of you who come here and reads my little blog. It really makes my day with each comment I get especially since I feel like I've gotten to know your personalities by your posts and reviews. You are all awesome!

Tell me something about yourself that I might not know already.


  1. wow this is really a lovely post, happy to learn many new thing about you, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hah yes I swear I can read my mother's mind as well! I've managed to predict a lot of her dialogue which I sometimes just find crazily creepy/awesome. Girl, I'm cheap too! I MUST POUNCE ON ALL THE BARGAINS.

    1. Haha (: ~ I think when you spend so much time with someone you can't help but know what they are thinking.
      YES! I don't like buying things from bookstores if I can get them cheaper online. if it was a trift store or small business I would be okay with it.

    I think I'll do this too (:
    My version of your no. 4 would be: My mother can read my mind. (Scary and annoying, yet sometimes odly comforting.)

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

  4. We are the same in a lot of ways! I am very cheap, part of the reason I use the library more than mots probably. lol I don't watch kid tv shows but I watch a whole bunch of kid movies. They are my favorite. I also hate public speaking like you and am sometimes too honest almost. haha Great post! love getting to know more about you. :)

  5. I can relate to half of the things you said above!You are a lot like me,girl:)
    I LOVE Kid shows.Especially cartoons.My favourite is Phineas and Ferb,what about you?

  6. I love this post! Awesome job modifying Rapunzel! It was so fun to learn more about you and the images and GIFs were perfect! I didn't know you were such a romantic or that you volunteer in a library. I work in a school library and I love my volunteers. :) Good luck practicing your driving!

    Hmmm- something you don't know about me.: I can wiggle my ears. :)


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