Bout of Books #12: Describe Your Book in Pictures

And with Day 5 almost done I have have officially completed both goals. I have read 5 books and reviewed 6. Now I'll see where the weekend takes me.

Currently Reading:

I got this pretty cheap on Amazon yesterday and I'm reading it for a buddy read. It's partly by Colleen Hoover whom everybody seems to love so I'm giving it a try. I think after this I'm focusing on my reviews for January which after writing all the reviews I have in mind I'll be done for January and can be ahead for February which will be great since the semester is drawing near and making me extremely nervous... 

Total Books Read: 5
Total Reviews Completed: 6

Books Read Today:

Way deeper and sadder than I expected. Still a really good story.

Pages: 244

Describe Your Books in Pictures

Hosted over @ The Book Monsters

I just finished reading Songs for a Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson so I'll be describing the story in pictures.


  1. Congratulations in reaching your goal!!! And I like the collage you created for the pictures. I should have thought of that to make things easier for me. Lol

    Vonnie's Reading Corner

    1. Oh really? I wonder what you created now. Thanks so much!

  2. happy to hear you reached your goal!! this is really great :)

    1. Yeah, I'm so happy! I'm like done with January and have some reviews for February I need to write.

  3. The pictures do have me interested in this book now!

    Congrats on reaching your goal already!! :D

    1. It's a really good story but a little sad and disconcerting. You might enjoy it.

  4. I love the pictures you chose. It's a really fun way to describe a book, actually, and a lot more intrieguing than so much else.
    Happy to see you reached your goal (:

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. The challenges bloggers come up with are so much fun and really creative.


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