Bout of Books #12: Literary Quote and Rewriting a Story

Wow, we are all ready done with the 6th day. I've had such a great time reading so many books. I'm sad to see it end soon. I really don''t want to stop reading so much when school starts but it's inevitable... I'll just have to make sure I don't get into a slump. I've read some great books and hopefully I can sneak some other great one in too.

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This will be my last Bout of Books read. I got it today from the library and it looks just so cute that I have to read it soon.

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I didn't know what was going on but I loved it just the same. Evilest cliffhanger ever!

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Literary Quote

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It's not the nicest but I did this really quick on PicMonkey with a quote from Never Never.

Rewrite the Story

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Frogged by Vivian Vande Velde

Taking a book from your TBR pile for bout of books, use the title to write your own story (250-500 words) or new synopsis which is in no relation to the actual book itself.

I have no idea what it is that I just wrote. It's really weird although it was actually quite entertaining for a while. I think it's longer than 50 words. I have no idea.

Taking Flight

Nicolae has no home. He's never had one or needed one according to his mother. 

"We must roam around free," she would always say. "We are like birds in the sky, we must always keep traveling in order to keep our wings from flying away from us. And what happens when a bird loses it's wings?" 

"They become penguins he would retort - his little joke he's had with her ever since he was three and argued that birds penguins can't fly so they must not have wings." It took him embarrassingly long to figure out that is not how birds worked. 

"Nicolae!," his mother would say exasperated. "You know this..." 

"Yes, yes, the bird would be lost forever; never able to travel freely with it's family ever again," he said with an amused hint to his voice. 

"So we must be sure to always wander the world in order to not lose our wings," his mother beamed at him proudly. 

"Yeah, because that's how the world worked," he mumbled losing his amused facade. 

He's grown to dislike his mother's fairy tales and the nomadic life he leads. Nicolae's sixteen now and has never had a friend before unless you count that one cousin who always bullied him relentlessly at family reunions which he didn't and his mother did. "Your family, is your friend she would say. Alexander has always been nice to you," she would instruct him whenever he brought up the subject of friends.  As nice as wrestling me to the ground when I didn't want him to wreck my favorite book which he did, throwing it into a nearby pile of mud and laughing. 

His mother glared at him for what seemed like minutes as he recalled the past conversation and memory. 

Now we were headed to a new home. A town who's name I can't remember and would probably forget. Nicolae always held this brief sense of optimism once he's arrived in a new place. Maybe mom will stop her restless legs and he could actually make a friend. 

"I rather have my wings clipped than keep this always forward moving lifestyle," he thought. 

"Maybe I am the one who has to make a stand," he said and sat up abruptly in the claustrophobic car filled to the brim with clothes and knickknacks from garage sales. A ceramic blue bird fell on his lap and he stared at it with wide eyes. "What if I can make my mother stay wherever we are headed next? It doesn't matter what place. I just want to live in one place for just than a moment," he stared the bird now trying not to get riled up enough so his mother wouldn't see. "I'll refuse to leave when she says it's time to fly away. He smiled brightly now. 

His mom noticed. "What has you so happy my Nicolae? Nothing mama, he said affectionately. Just thinking about this great new place we are going to stay at. "Wonderful, wonderful. That's the right attitude!" She smiled and looked away. Nicolae covered his smile some so she wouldn't dissect what was underneath it. A plan started forming in his mind. Hope rised in his chest for a home he's always wanted. And his mother would see. It was best for a growing boy as she liked to say to settle down and have some roots. 

His mother looked away from her sons bright features wondering what was going on in that head of his. Her forehead crinkled with worry. They had to leave the last place rather quickly. Faster than the other times. She hid her sudden shiver from her son saying the wind was too cold even though it was in the middle of June. He nodded and went back to his own thoughts. 

She concentrated on the road ahead - the road that would lead them back to safety away from the man with the sinister smile and the memory of her last feather shedding away...


  1. I will come later to read the story :) lovely post

  2. I"m glad that Never Never was enjoyable! I've been wanting to read that. >.<

    1. I'm so happy the second one is coming out in May XD

  3. Yeah, the worst thing about school is how much time it takes up; time that could be used on reading or social activities. Hopefully you're studying something you like.

    Wow, I love the cover for 'Frogged'!

    It's a really good story You're really talented. (:

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. I am studying something I like - education (:

      I know it's so pretty - the girl who did the cover of Breadcrumbs did this cover.

      Aw... thanks (:

  4. Frogged does look cute! Oooh, I am loving that quote from Never Never, definitely going to check that out now! Taking Flight is really well written, Adriana! :) That ending sentence, nice!

    1. Never Never and Frogged were so good! I'm highly anticipating the next book for Never Never.
      Thanks so much! It was fun to write.

  5. This is a really great story Adriana! Very intriguing read.
    Thanks so much for participating in my challenge! Hope you enjoyed it :)


    1. I did enjoy the challenge. It was unexpectedly fun :D


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