Harry Potter Questionnaire Part 2: People/Creatures

Artist: Johanna
I found some questions on tumblr and I thought I would answer here for fun. It'll be in 4 parts over the time I'm reading the last Harry Potter books. You can see what the other questions are about on the tumblr link to the person who originated the questions -Millie @ iwritetoomuch.tumblr.com

Part 1: Hogwarts/Places

11. Harry Potter: Talk about a challenge you've overcome.
A: Not being so shy around people. Actually trying to have conversations with people which I just couldn't do without someone talking to me first. 
12. Ronald Weasley: Talk about a friend you once/still have.
A: Umm... I had a friend who used to make me laugh all the time. A real jokester. I kind of didn't fit in with her friends though so I ended up hanging out with a group of girls and one boy who were cool with my weird awkwardness. They all were easy to talk to including the first friend. I don't think they really know me though... but only my close family really knows me anyways.
13. Hermione: What’s your favorite book?
A: That question gets brought up so many times. I don't really have a favorite but I do really like A Week in the Woods by Andrew Clements. I gravitate toward that book a lot when I think about favorites, most likely because I read it the most often. I also really love A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley which I feel represents my character in a very big way; A shy girl who has a hard time letting people in or expressing herself. 
14. Luna Lovegood: Do you believe in any superstitions?

A: No, actually. I went looking for common superstitions to answer this question and I couldn't find one that I agree with. I do participate in traditions that might have to do with superstition like eating 12 grapes that represents 12 months of good luck on New Year's. Also throwing water into the street on New Year's which represents throwing bad luck away or something to that affect. But, I don't really believe in them. It's just fun things to do.
Artist: Luciana Nascimento

15. Neville Longbottom: Talk about a fear you’ve overcome.

A: The only thing I can think of is overcoming my fear of the dark. I haven't been really scared of the dark since I was probably twelve. Although, at night if I have to go to my room I make sure to light up the dining room and hallway before I get there. I sometimes run fast to enter my room if it's night and I just came from the bathroom ( in case some monster is near haha).

16. Ginny Weasley: Talk about someone you’ve admired.

A: I really admire my mom. She's the most hardworking person I know. For a while it felt like she had the whole world on her shoulders. She's incredibly resilient and does what needs to be done. 

17. Draco Malfoy: What’s something you regret?

A: I regret a lot of things. Little moments in my life that always come back to me when I'm inside my head for too long. I do regret being unnecessarily mean to some people throughout my life (mostly when I was younger) as well as not standing up for myself when someone said something rude to me or looked at me like I was weird.
18. Fred and George: Talk about a time you pranked someone/were pranked by someone.

A: Let me tell you something about myself... I am very gullible. My brother is the king of pranking me. He always use to get me to believe the most outrageous things. He still likes to hide randomly and scare me from around corners. There's actually this one time where I thought he was putting a prank over me - I used to have this old dog that followed us home one day. We had her for a while and my brother told me she just had a puppy. The one time I tell him I don't believe him and he's right. My whole family didn't believe him so that says a lot about the story he tells. She ended up losing the puppy unfortunately...
19. Dobby: What’s a cause you’re loyal to?

A: Hmm... I don't think I'm loyal to a cause. I care that we take care of the environment but I haven't really done anything about it. I also care that people all around the world have basic needs and rights. I do really care about women's rights too. I'm not a very outspoken person but I do have my values.
20. Hedwig: Would you bring an animal to Hogwarts? If so, which one?

A: Owls seem to be very helpful in the Harry Potter World. I would love to send messages and get them back. They are very independent like cats which I don't particularly like. I would like to have a dog around but I'll be in classes a lot so really any animal I choose to get would have to be partly independent. Since I've never taken care of a bird I'd go with a dog. Wherever I study I can hang around with them and on my downtime I can play with them. Dogs are also very loyal so I think they make the best choice.

Artist: Cryptid-Creations


  1. I love these questions! I'm not sure I'd be able to take care of an owl either, but I still would love to have one. That's definitely a more interesting way to send letters. :D And not being so shy around people is a challenge that I almost have to set myself daily. Better at it these days though, so I guess that's progress. Thanks for sharing your responses!

    1. Owls don't seem as cuddly with their sharp claws. I was thinking this when I wrote this out. But, really Pig was a super cuddly mini sized owl <3
      I'm the same way with being a shy person. I've gotten a lot better throughout the years. I still get really red when I'm in front of a crowd I don't know and making a presentation. *Sigh* Hopefully we'll both be able to get used to it one of these days.

  2. I'm with Sam! I love all these questions and how they creatively reference back to Hogwarts and the characters from the series. :) Wonderful answers Adriana, and thanks for sharing! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. I love these questions also. Good thing I was able to find them without even looking for them. Such luck!

  3. I love Harry Potter! And I LOVE your blog! Found it on Goodreads. Can't wait to read more (:
    - Felicia ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com )

    1. Yay! I know you (: ~ Just finished reading your next chapter. Really want to know what happens next!


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