Chocolate-Covered Baloney by K.D. McCrite

Title: Chocolate-Covered Baloney
Author: K.D. McCrite
Series: Confessions of April Grace (Book #3)
Format- ebook
Publisher- Thomas Nelson Publishers
Published- November 13th, 2012
Pages- 283
Source- NetGalley

The last thing April Grace wants is more change in her life--but that's exactly what she gets! Plus, April has a new mystery to solve when Myra Sue starts sneaking around and acting very suspicious!

From snooty new neighbors to starting junior high to getting a new baby brother to having her "grandmother" get a boyfriend, April Grace has had enough change to last until she is at least 87 years old.

But when it rains, it pours, and April Grace is in for the ride of her life when her prissy, citified neighbor Isabel becomes her gym teacher and a long-lost relative suddenly reappears and throws everything into a tizzy. On top of that, April's sister, Myra Sue, has been hiding something and sneaking around. April needs to find out what is going on before her silly sister gets herself into trouble again. More important, will April find the grace she needs to handle her topsy-turvy life and forgive past wrongs?

Girls will fall in love with April's humor and completely relate to her as she deals with family, friends, drama, and both the humor and the heartache that are part of growing up.

"What I wanted to do was stay in our nice, warm house, crawl up on my bed, wrap myself in the raggedy old blanket I'd had since I was little, and read that book that was supposed to be over my head. That's what I wanted to do, but something inside me said, "April Grace Reilly, something is Going On, and you need to find out what."

April Grace Reilly knows that her sister's up to no good what with her hanging around the mailbox all of a sudden and getting so defensive when she asks what she is doing. Her sister even threatens to tell their mama about some things April Grace doesn't want her to know. She's also been acting like she's doing so much homework when she knows for a fact that she's just reading her fashion magazines. April Grace knows she's up to something but she's going to have to get proof this time so someone will believe her before something terrible happens like it has happened in the past. But, then comes a surprise visitor that changes everything. Now April Grace is trying to be there for her mother and grandmother while seeing if there is some connection with her sister's odd behavior and this horrid visitor coming into town.

I recently reviewed the first book in the Confession of April Grace series, In Front of God and Everybody. I haven't read the second book yet but when I saw this on NetGalley I couldn't resist! A review saying that you didn't need to read the other books to follow along with this story also swayed my decision to request the third book with April Grace. There were two big shocks that came along with this story. The first one is because I didn't read the second book and the second shock was purely based upon this book. There's a new visitor that just takes control of everybody's emotions in the family. They are unwanted but her mama can never turn anyone down because she's just so good. I knew from the start the author was going to try to make me like this person but I was not going to like this person no matter what! She changed my mind anyways. With some tears in my eyes I admitted that I liked them now when there was a touching moment in the book. You'll notice that I don't tell you who it is because that would ruin everything! Just know when the name was revealed a audibly gasped. It couldn't be true! It made for one great twist.

Most of the story is based around April Grace's sister, Myra Sue, who April Grace can't stand. Myra Sue thinks she's so glamorous and strives to be that way. April Grace's response is to call her a D.R.I.P. I think it was intentional that April Grace said more and more awful things about her sister that made me notice and feeling sorry for her sister. I really like April Grace and she has said some things out of sibling rivalry in the past but I think she went too far. You could tell that Myra Sue was feeling low and she didn't need negativity. I foresaw what was going to happen and I can't say I blame Myra Sue for it. The sense of family love came together when this story was through. It was like enough was enough this had to happen for the family to be more like a family. April Grace needed to notice that everyone has feelings. I enjoyed this togetherness coming from the sister's relationship as well as from her mother. I've complained before that April Grace's mother was just way too nice so much so that she caused heartache to her family. This time around I think I finally saw her and appreciated what she was all about. Isabel was also quite the loyal friend being there for April Grace's mom and grandma when they needed some backup. She's come along way.

This book was even better than the first. I am so happy how it all turned out and I so enjoy all of the characters this time around even more. April Grace was her always nosy self that got a few laughs and smiles out of me. Any way she acts she's still her incredibly funny self who people should really start to pay attention to! She knows things and for fear that people would brush off her theories she tried to find proof that there is something going on with her sister. When everything hit the fan who was there to save the day? April Grace of course. I love that girl. This book was less christian fiction for me even if the first book wasn't that much either. It was a nice amount and didn't overwhelm me at all so I think most people will like her story. If you are looking for a good southern children's book with a hilarious main character you should read about April Grace. April Grace truly captured my heart once again.

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  1. How exciting that this book was even better than the first! I love when that happens. What an interesting title. ;)

  2. I saw this one on NetGalley and it looks super cute. Good to hear that you enjoyed it!

  3. I saw this on NetGalley, too, but I didn't realise it was a part of a larger series. I'm glad you don't have to read all the books to be able to follow the story, though. April Grace sounds like a heart-warmingly funny main character... and I'm curious about the character who got you to change your mind about him/her!

    Great review, Adriana. :)

    1. If you knew the background it's just... ahhh!!! April Grace is the best (:

  4. I requested this on Netgalley thinking it was a standalone. I was very disappointed when I heard it was a book in the middle of a series. After reading your review I will try to read it anyway :)

    1. The story tells you snippets of what happened in the other books. I think you will be fine. I don't know if you'll like April Grace as much with her acting the way she does with her sister but she does still prove to be her great self.

    2. Well, I do understand sibling rivalry(although I never went as far as April Grace) so I might be able to forgive April Grace :) This book does seem to hold some valuable lessons within the pages.

    3. I understand completely too but it's different from April Grace's relationship with her sister. I don't think my brothers are dumb for once. We used to fight a lot just play fighting when we were little. It's so weird how it's so very different now. I think the plan with the author is to have lessons in especially since this is supposed to be "christian fiction" even if it has very little of it or in this case... not really anything. It's the message of being nice to one another that really translates.

  5. April Grace sounds like an adorable and fun MC. I had no idea that this was a part of a series. It looks interesting. Great review, Adriana. :)
    I will surely check the series out.

    1. She really is. I realized now I should have linked up the first book's review on here *facepalm*

  6. This sounds like a pretty interesting MG novel. I'll have to check it out. :)

  7. Ohhh, sounds cute! Never heard of the series before, but I already know I would like April Grace if you think so highly of her! It's funny that her glamourous sister's name is Myra Sue. I love it when sequels turn out even better than the previous book you read - it's always so rewarding and I'm glad you got to experience that with this one!


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