The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Title- The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
Author- Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrator- Steven Kellogg
Series: Jimmy's Boa Book #1
Format- Paperback
Publisher- Puffin Pied Piper
First Published- January 1st 1980
Pages- 28
Source- Own

A mother asks the usual thing after her daughter comes from a field trip "How was your class trip to the farm?" Her answer is anything but usual. She recounts nonchalantly the tale backwards until you get the whole story. The cow cried. Why? Hay fell on her. Why? The farmer ran into it? Why? And so on and so forth until you uncover how Jimmy brought his pet boa constrictor to meet the farm animals which didn't go over too well with the hens and chaos ensued.

The illustrations cannot get any better than with this book. This tale is laugh out loud funny and perfect to read at any age. The girl's total lack of worry while retelling the story and while the mother is listening in awe brings some humor to the story as well. It's such a ridiculous story that of course would never happen but is funny because in a book it could! I love that about books especially picture books. It was lucky that the boa constrictor was friendly even with its incredibly long length because this story might have not ended well for those hens. It ended super sweetly and I'm happy to find that it's a series! Fantastic picture book.


  1. What a funny idea for a book! I love finding quirky books like this because they make be believe in originality again. The illustrations look fantastic. I love the use of negative space.
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    1. I'm guessing by negative space you meant all the white in between the images? Illustration lingo. Got to love it.

  2. This book sounds like such fun. Glad to hear that the pictures are so awesome. I love finding books like this. ;) Thanks for sharing.


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