Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

Title- Officer Buckle and Gloria
Author- Peggy Rathmann
Stand Alone
Format- Hardcover
Publisher- G.P. Putnam's Sons (Imprint of Penguin Books)
Published- September 28th, 1995
Pages- 32
Source- Own

Officer Buckle loves making up new safety rules. He shares them with students at Napville School but no ever listens to him. One day the police department gets a dog and that dog is now Officer Buckle's Officer Buckle brings the dog, Gloria, to school with him and while he's doing his regular safety tips Gloria is acting them out. The place goes wild and gets Officer Buckle and Gloria sent to many places to tell many people about his safety tips. When Officer Buckle discovers what Gloria has been doing he's not too happy. It takes a giant accident for him to realize he needs Gloria as much as she needs him.


This is such a classic story that everyone needs to read. I got teary eyed like a fool which has never happened before because this story is so sweet! There's a girl who makes a star shaped letter and where's a crash helmet based on one of his safety tip that I got all chocked up about because she said everything right. She knows what's what. They make a great team and like I said before they both need each other more than they know.

Gloria brings new light to his safety tips which is just what Officer Buckle needed but he feels betrayed and maybe a little unwanted which is reasonable. Maybe if Gloria showed him what she could do he wouldn't have been so upset.

The book has such charming and insane illustrations that will get kids attention. The moral of the story while having some safety tips scattered around provide kids with some knowledge while having a good time reading or hearing Officer Buckle and Gloria's tale.


  1. I think I read this book when I was little... I'm not sure though. The only book I really remember reading during my toddler years was Pumpkin Soup! Have you read it? It was amazing :)
    ~ Ruby

    1. Nope. Never heard of it. I've heard of Duck Soup.
      Looked it up. Cute! It's an oldy.

  2. I haven't seen this before. Well the books for kids are little bit different here cause through history we had some magnificent writers. Today their works are still very popular among kids. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Oh yeah that's right! You're aren't from the U.S. I wonder what your popular picture books are.

    2. The classics, like brothers Grimm and some others. But we have some famous like J.J. Zmaj and Branko Ćopić, but of course they're famous just here :)

  3. I have not read this one before! It sounds so charming and I loved your review. Great pictures, too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I remember Gloria! :) It's fun that you're reviewing all these picture books; they can be so cute and great to get kids reading.

    1. It's kind of weird for me. Hopefully I'm doing it right. All I've been reading is picture books. I need to read some regular books before I explode of over exposure of cuteness!

  5. Hey there! Found you on Book Blogs! New follower.

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland


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