ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Title: Ish
Author: Peter H. Reynolds
Stand Alone
Format- Harcover
Publisher- Candlewick Press
Published- August 19th, 2004
Pages- 28
Source- Library

Ramon loves to draw but when his brother laughs at one of his drawings he tries to make his pictures look "right". It takes his little sister to show him that not every drawing has to be perfect. Even if his drawings are picture-ish it's still a work of art.

I've praised and loved Peter H. Reynolds for a long time now. BUT I've never read any of his books. Only samplings. I can finally say that I read one of his books and absolutely loved it! I had read a large portion of ish before but that didn't stop me from crying while reading it. Picture books have that effect on me. If you want to be moved read this book!

Ramon is a drawer, a young one at that. Not all of us are Picasso's especially not kids. They may think their drawings aren't as good as others because they aren't exactly right. But that's the thing - they are right! Drawing is expressing how you feel. No one draws the same way and there is no "right" way to draw. I do the same thing Ramon did. If I don't draw exactly the right way a picture in front of me is it doesn't look right to me. It's inspiring to see a picture book that shows young kids and maybe some possible future artists that you are good no matter what anyone thinks or says. Do things your own way and find your own inner artist.

Peter H. Reynolds is a great author for picture books. His illustrations are kid friendly and messy (doesn't color in the lines) which reinforces his message. The Dot, So Few of Me, and The North Star are some of his books that I want to read... all of it already! All of his books are inspiring and deserved to be praised. Read his books and fall in love with the world of picture books.


  1. Sometimes I miss picture books cause I haven't read any in a while. I really like the sound and idea of this one, sounds so sweet. And I like the title it's so unusual! :)

    1. I do too! I never read them anymore so it's a nice change of pace for me. It's hard to review them though. They are adorable. That's how I can describe most of them :P

  2. I must read Ish! It sounds adorable! I love the cover and your review is awesome. Picture books make me cry too!

  3. This sounds fantastic! I have to see if I can find this one. As an artist, it is my solemn duty to track this down and read it to my kids! :)

  4. This sounds SOOO good! I love the illustrations beyond words and I love the message the story sends too. I'm totally getting this from the library! =)

    1. Yay! I felt the same way when I first read about it.

    2. I just finished reading it! <3 <3

    3. Awesome! It must have been amazing for you if you already read it and commented about it :D


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