Bandits by Johanna Wright

Title- Bandits
Author- Johanna Wright
Stand Alone
Format- Hardcover
Publisher- Roaring Brook Press
Published- August 16th, 2011
Pages- 29
Source- Library

The raccoon bandits sneak up and take what they want. They do this before you wake up. Lying low all day long until the sun falls for another day of sneaking.

I had to go back and read this book because I realized I was reading way too fast. This is a book where you slowly read and take in the pictures that have vast amounts of rich painted colors. The raccoons are dressed up in clothes and have a shady look to them. It reminds me a lot of Fantastic Mr. Fox in the way the raccoon's act all sneaky to get things from people. I don't see it getting the wrong impression in kids like parents might think. Raccoon's naturally are sneaky and are known to look through people's garbage. It was a nice, simple picture book with great artwork.


  1. The artwork does look fabulous. I love the colors and the details. I like to soak in the pictures of a good book. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hmm... that's a really pretty way of putting the illustrations (:


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