The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is the sequel to I am Number Four. You know how it even became a movie. I actually did not review I Am Number Four on here. Before I get into The Power of Six I want  to get into I Am Number Four.

So John Smith is an alien. Yep. He's from Lorien and he's one out of nine children that are the last hope for the destroyed Lorien and Earth because the bad guys, the Mogadorians, want to destroy Earth. The nine children will have legacies eventually which are different powers. They all seem to have Telekinesis. John has light up hands that creates fire. John is as you guessed it number four of the nine children. He can't be killed until the first three are killed. He's the next one. He along with his guardian Henri go to Paradise, Ohio. They are constantly moving and constantly changing their names. He ends up falling in love with Sarah.

So here I'm going to tell you about the big two problems I had with this book. First the Instalove with Sarah. They never even talked all they did was kiss and really? No one cares how many times you kiss. We want the magic of falling in love. The second thing was the last battle in the end. I was so disappointing. I mean things happened. Henri dies so that's of course a big deal. But there wasn't really a battle. It was meh. The Power of Six on the other hand I liked better that the first book which never happens but it did. On to The Power of Six.

Remember how Six is this super strong heroine that can turn invisible. She and Sam (Thinks father was abducted by aliens and John's best friend) go with John. They are going to escape, try to find others, and train. John leaves Sarah behind and I say good riddance. A week later there is a reward on their heads and they have been declared terrorists. Their story intertwines with Number Seven's story. You would think this is all about Number Six but apparently not. I don't mind. Marina is her name. She has only one legacy so far and she's almost 18. Her guardian has become all religious and denies her her training and Lorien. She'll annoy the crap out of you. Marina is a very sweet and innocent girl. She lives in Spain in a convent with some mean nuns. Well Sister Dora is the real problem. She makes friends with this old priest/drunk named Hector who says he'll always have her back. She also much later on makes friends with a little girl named Ella who trails her around.

So back to John. John is pining for Sarah but also is starting to have feelings for Six which doesn't feel right because Lorien's love one person forever. I'm ecstatic about this because Six is so kick ass. They can't deny it while their training with her because John always ends up being the one beat. Problem is Sam likes her too and Sam's a good guy. I wish I had more of Sam really.

So the addition of the multiple story line and new people. New secret revealed... You learn more about Six and it's just overall way better than the first. The first was good don't get me wrong but Sarah and the last battle.... The battles on here were so amazing. Not disappointed at all. There are more people.... Aah! I'm really excited about this series finally! The next one is coming. I saw on twitter how The Rise of Nine (the next book) Countdown is beginning. Every preorder gives us a sneak preview and other things. It comes out August 12th! There's a sneak preview on Goodreads. Yay excitement! The next one is definitely going to have multiple sides to the story which I loved in this one. I hope they find the rest. I wonder how long this series is going to be. So if you were like I Am Number Four is alright you shouldn't give up. The Power of Six will completely change your opinion about the series. If you already loved I Am Number Four get ready to be completely blown out of the water with The Power of Six.


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