(George) by E.L. Konigsburg

I've never read the famous From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler but I can say that I read E.L. Konigsburg's (George). If this book is any indication of how the Mixed-Up Files is I need to go read that book now!

Ben is a science prodigy. He lives with his mother and loud brother Howard. Howard is such an opposite of Ben. He got expelled out of Kindergarten! He's a very opinionated little boy. He's the only one who knows about George other than Ben. Ben knows George because he's inside of him. Literally a little man inside him who's funny and curses a lot. I don't know why they call George a little man when he supposedly his twin brother who lives inside him. His mom, Mrs. Carr doesn't know that she had concentric (having a common center) twins.

George makes Ben happy. He wants him to stop and smell the roses. He especially doesn't want him to try so hard to get people to become his friend especially that fake William. William is a senior in High School and has been lab partners with Ben before. Now Ben is in sixth grade and is taking Organic Chemistry. George is constantly fighting with him about it. Then lab equipment starts being stolen and the quarreling continues. Who can the thief be and is George just jealous of William or is Ben being blind to the truth?

Ben and George also have different personalities. I think his mom explained it best: "Howard, whom any man on the street or any teacher or any baby sitter could spot as a bundle of chaos, got everything out of his system through a well-developed opening, his mouth, his loud-o-mouth. But not Benjamin. Ben kept it all in and invented George. When Ben was disturbed, when Ben was angry, when Ben was resentful, George spoke up for him. Privately, silently George had spoken." But don't let that quote alter your thinking that George is not real. You'll have to read the book. In the end you'll know your answer.

George helps Ben out a lot with memorizing some things for Ben and helping him out on tests. He also tries to help Ben with other things. He's like his conscience or another point of view. He's head isn't crowded with all the outside things so he has a clearer mind about things and can observe the world differently. He can't actually see the world but I think you get my meaning. I wish I had a George. He would be perfect for tests and for life. He'll help prioritize my life. I love him and Ben together. I love this story. It's unbelievably unique. It's just different and it's really good. It should be a classic. It's old enough to be. This is good that I read a book this old and marvel at it because it'll get me to want to read older eclectic books. I did not coming into reading this book think I was going to read a book so out there for me. It's so fantastically different. "George hated people who were more concerned with appearing different than with being different. More concerned with appearing smart than being smart. William was like that. George liked people who had curiosity and insight. William had sacrificed both (if he ever had them) for appearances and the conquest of success." That quote makes me think of William and how much of a jerk he really is. He's such a user and George picked it up right away. It also brings me to the point that this book doesn't appear different it is and it is oh so fantastic for being so.


  1. I have not read George- nor have I heard of it. I am really curious about it now. It just sounds so good from your review. I know she has quite a few books- I have one or two of them to read. The only one I have read is The Mixed-Up Files. I read it a long time ago and enjoyed it. I like that it takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. :)



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