Road Trip

I've been a way for a while now. No I have not abandoned you I just went on a mini road trip. I'm sure you guys wouldn't call spending a couple of days in Georgia and north Florida as a road trip but for me it was something new. I've never been out of state so it was a pretty big deal for me. I went to Helen which is this small swiss? town in north Georgia. I even made a u turn in Alabama so technically I've been to three states. I know, I'm a cheater. It was nice. You know how I've always wanted to be an outdoorsy type of person? You know how you are who you are? So I'm definitely not outdoorsy but I absolutely LOVED climbing up part of a mountain, going to a falls, and hiking part way of a canyon. It was hard but I loved it. I can so see my future being like that. The other times I went to Tallahassee and checked out the sites. Went to a great FREE museum there. I also swam a lot and hung out with my cousins up north of us. I, like a little kid, did go with my parents... I still don't know how to drive... like that would make them let me go on a road trip by myself. So I'm excited to be back and read once again.

I did go to my Orientation before the trip. Aaah!! It was a better experience than I thought it would be. It was of course terrifying but it was still very exciting. Some of the week I'll be spending a whopping 12 hours at school. Me and my brother's schedule just messed each other up. Oh well. That's a lot of hours studying and doing homework and hey! some time to read too. I'm going to end up now reading one book at a time. Whenever I've read three books and I haven't done posts yet I sort of rush and that's not as good as I could be doing so one at a time. I'll be posting during school but not as much. Ah, college. Please don't kill me...


  1. Your road trip sounds like so much fun! I am glad that you were able to see three states (the U-turn still counts in my book). It sounds like you had a blast with your family. I hope college won't be too tough!



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