Frostbite by Richelle Mead

I don't know if you all remember the Vampire Academy but this is its descendant. Last time we met Rose, the spunky Dhampir who is a bit... well a big trouble maker who took her friend, a Moroi, Lissa away because she thought she was in danger. If you don't remember a Dhampir is half human and half vampire. They protect the Moroi and are trained to one day be the guardian of one while a Moroi is royalty. They need blood to sustain them. They do all have an element that they could use but they don't. That's a big problem when the Strigoi, evil immortal vampires, are killing them off left and right.

We found out that Lissa's power isn't so simple. She has the power of spirit which means she can heal people. She healed Rose and brought her back from the dead. So now they have a bond that links them together. Love does befall these two. Rose goes for a stoic yet sweet older guardian while Lissa goes for a snarky royal whose past is shrouded in pain and shame. Lissa keeps her guy, Christian, in the end but Rose isn't that lucky. Her guy, Dimitri, decides that duty precedes his love of her. 

That's most of the back story for all of you that don't remember the first book that well. So poor Rose right? I mean she's this rebellious kickass girl but also is very determined to keep her friend safe but she gets the boot. Now in Frostbite Dimitri dares DARES to have feelings for another girl. A woman in her case and Rose couldn't be more unhappy about it. She hasn't even told her best friend in the world Lissa who's been all couply with Christian that she even was with Dimitri for a time. They don't really hang out anymore. Is she jealous? You bet she is. But you won't hear her admit it. At least not in direct words.

There's been a bunch of killings and parents are freaking out so the school administration decides to take them all on a ski trip. So everyone is going there and I mean everyone including Rose's mom who she hasn't seen for years. Needless to say Rose isn't so welcoming. She ends up meeting Adrian. Yes, I can smell the love triangle from a mile away. Adrian is supposedly a player and he's interested in Rose. Rose doesn't want to go down that path but whenever she's around him things go wrong but there's also this draw towards him and weird things about him that she can't quite place... Honestly he doesn't sound as great as Dimitri does so it'll take a while before I see him being with Rose. Still all's not safe and people start thinking radically. What are we all going to do about these Strigoi?

Well that was a pretty long so sorry about that. I sounded very summary all the way through... So you know that Rose and Dimitri make me extremely happy and I don't appreciate Adrian butting in. You hardly read about Lissa on here. She is still in control but a little not. I wonder why she has to get all depressed because she heals someone. She's taking all the bad from them I guess? That actually makes sense.

You see mostly Rose with Mason. Mason. Remember? Well I didn't. He and Rose flirt with each other. He likes her and she sees him as a friend? Well maybe not now. Maybe there's a love square. Who knows? Yes, I do like to tease. So the sequel to a book never is as good as the first book (except Harry Potter of course) but this was great. I'm still pretty surprised that I'm reading a vampire book... again. But it's really good. It's kind of like Hex Hall in the fact that they kind of live in a boarding school except instead of witches and the like there are vampires around. Things go down in the end of this book and you die a little inside because you'll be going ROSE!!! It's heartbreaking. Prepare to cry in the last chapters. I warned you. Questions rise up at the end. The author always does that to mess with you which I don't appreciate because I feel like I need the next book right now and it's disappointing when I have to wait. Oh well. Glad I'm back and was able to read this great vampire book.


  1. I still haven't read Vampire Academy- but it is on my list. I have heard it is really good- but haven't picked it up yet. It sounds like the 2nd book in the series is good as well. Terrific review!

  2. I love the Vampire Academy books! I'm so glad that you liked this one. (:


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