Tales from the Hood by Michael Buckley

It's all about the Wolf in this one. The Grimms need to find out the real tale of Little Red Riding Hood if they have any hope to free Mr. Canis but he doesn't even want them to. He feels he' where he belongs. Granny Relda has employed Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. They are lawyers who have real trouble ahead of them considering who they are up against.

And then there is the actual Sisters Grimm. Sabrina is more aware of her looks and is insulted more by Puck's remarks. Daphne on the other hand who has never cared for her looks is now. She's acting just like Sabrina. Like an adult. She even has her own little pocket dictionary with her so she doesn't have to rely on her sister.

Buckley does a great retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story. It's nothing any regular person could have made up. I'm so glad that he made these books because no one could do it justice like him. Red Riding Hood is in here and you get a surprise from her.

Uncle Jake is busy tracking Goldilocks and someone else is tracking her too. The next book has to be the greatest one yet. Seriously. You will finally know who the leader of the Scarlet Hand is and boy will you be shocked.


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