A Grimm Review: Magic and Other Misdemeanors

Grimm Characters

Sabrina was basically perfect in this book. She was too busy freaking out over the fact that her future her was married to Puck.
-Sabrina Grimm

Daphne is not going to let the whole Puck and Sabrina thing go anytime soon you can believe me. She seems to not mind her older self but she doesn't like that she's so serious. The girl has seen that Sabrina has been totally good for a long time. She admires her now.
-Daphne Grimm

Granny has a lot of things going on. Where did she get that 150,000 from! I seriously think they have stocks somewhere or I don't even know. Now their poor... at least they got some help from her friends.
-Granny Relda Grimm
Canis has transformed completely into the Wolf in the future. He's given up but it doesn't mean that Granny Relda won't.
-Mr. Canis

Elvis has great-grandchildren! He and his kids got busy... I want to know who he ends up with! I'm surprised Daphne didn't get teary eyed that Elvis died. I sure did.

Charming has been stuck back in time all this time! Poor Snow. He ends up being a very good guy well kind of because he joins the Scarlet Hand in the end... Honestly, do you really think he's bad?
-Mayor William Charming

Mirror gets yelled at by his creator Bunny. Bunny? Really? He ends up revealing the secret to waking up their parents and it's Goldilocks. Weird huh? I guess she grew up. But really. Why didn't Granny think of this sooner?

Puck gets married to Sabrina!!! And he grows up. So happy. I don't think he gets their a couple yet but it'll get through to him eventually.

Snow is brokenhearted and then she feels betrayed by Granny Relda. One of their       closest allies is not talking to them anymore. Will she come around?
 -Snow White

Uncle Jake is in love! Maybe. He sure seems to like Briar. Briar looks weird to me. She has olive skin if I'm not mistaken. I guess the book reveals she looks like that. Finally, a princes who looks different! Good luck Jake.
-Uncle Jake

A Grimm Recipe

"...cornflakes in avocado sauce,'
"Day after day she had suffered through tulip root soup, Chinese beetle bread, crocodile steaks, creamed bacon with butterscotch nuggets, horseradish flavored oatmeal, and Limburger pancakes."

Grimm Books

Life is Futile by Itsy Bitsy Spider

Magical Items

The Wonder Clock
Hungry Jacket
Cap of Wisdom
Sword of Sharpness
Magic Detector

A Grimm Dictionary

"What's 'vermin' mean?" Daphne whispered.
"Vermin are pests like rats, mice, and cockroaches," Sabrina explained.

"What does 'repossess' mean?" Daphne whispered in Sabrina's ear.
"It means they can take our house and kick us out into the street," Sabrina replied, quickly realizing why the bike shop, florist, and antiques store had closed their stores.

"I don't want to be a hobo," Daphne said the turned to her sister. "What's a hobo?"
Sabrina ignored the question and got up from the table.

"What does 'hallucinate' mean?" Daphne asked.
"It's when you think you see something that isn't really there," Sabrina said.

"What's a dentist," Puck asked.
Sabrina cringed, imagining the cavities this boy must have.
"There's a question you don't ever want to hear someone ask you."

Safety-Deposit Box
"What's a safety-deposit box?"
"It's like a safe. You put your valuables in it. They keep them at the bank."

*gasp* That's the second time Buckley put Daphne asking what vermin is!

Daphne's Favorite Word

Mucho Smart-O!

It's actually Mucho whatever she wants -O. Like Mucho Smart-O, Mucho Crazy-O, etc.

Grimm Moments

"I can't wait to go back," Puck said. "Baba Yaga is very puck rock."

"Look at her!" Puck shouted. "She's horrible! She's like my soulmate!"

Favorite Grimm Moments

When Cinderella turned old for her man.

"I did this so we could be together."
Cinderella looked into his eyes. "Then so be it," she whispered, and her body began to age as well. Her long blond hair turned white, wrinkles weaved across her perfect face, and her delicate hands became gnarled.
"Cindy, no!" Tom cried. "You can't go back! If you age you won't ever be young again."
"What would life be without you, my prince?" Cindy said, her voice rough and crackling. "When we say our good-byes I want to be by your side."

When I saw Daphne and Sabrina older but really it was when I knew that Sabrina and Puck were married.
"Not true, Sabrina. An Everafter can grow old if he wants. Most don't because they don't have a good reason," Puck said, sharing an affectionate look with the woman claiming to be Sabrina. The fairy had a gold ring on his left hand that was identical to one the older Sabrina wore.
Daphne squealed. "You mean...you and Puck...really...married!"

For Cinderella I was thinking about the Notebook and was crying. If it was a reaction post I would have had someone in a fetal position because that's how I feel inside. It's so romantic it's unbearable! I won't be doing a reaction post for awhile because I want to be able to finishe the Grimm Week with all the books done. But I know one reaction I won't leave out. It'll be later.

For Puck and Sabrina I knew it was already going to happen and I think I was anticipating it too much because I didn't really have a reaction. I just know the first time I had my mouth open as I saw their picture and read that Puck actually grew up for Sabrina. And they ended up getting married. So much information in such a little time. Well, Have A Very Grimm Week!

"We're Grimms, this is what we do."


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