The Socialpunk Trilogy Blog Tour #1

Hey guys! I have a special treat for you today. All this week I'll be talking about The Social Punk Trilogy well specifically the first book: Social Punk by Monica Leonelle. The author was kind enough to let me participate in this blog tour as well as review her book and later on even have an interview. So stay tuned this week for more updates about the book. For now a description of the book, about the author, and a giveaway!

The Book:

Ima would give anything to escape The Dome and learn what's beyond its barriers, but the Chicago government has kept all its citizens on lockdown ever since the Scorched Years left most of the world a desert wasteland. When a mysterious group of hooded figures enters the city unexpectedly, Ima uncovers a plot to destroy The Dome and is given the choice between escaping to a new, dangerous city or staying behind and fighting a battle she can never win.

 The Author:

Monica Leonelle is a well-known digital media strategist and the author of three novels. She blogs at Prose on Fire and shares her writing and social media knowledge with other bloggers and authors through her Free Writer Toolkit. Monica's other books  are Silver Smoke and the second book from the Seven Halos Series is Tin Soldier.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The giveaway takes place from April 3rd-April 30th so don't be late and don't miss out!*


  1. This book sounds great! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    1. Great! I'm having an excerpt put up tomorrow (:

    2. Really? I can't wait! I'll definitely be stopping by again tomorrow.


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