Loser by Jerry Spinelli

Donald Zinkoff has always been messy, an atrocious writer, clumsy, and has never really one anything. One day someone finally takes notice and he is dubbed a Loser. He's made fun of and doesn't know it and he just takes everything because life is just one big laugh to Zinkoff. Then he does something that shows his real side and can be called a hero.

Spinelli is almost one of my favorite authors. You may or may not know that I have a rule that if I like four of an authors books I can call them a favorite author. Unfortunately this wasn't in league with his other books i.e. Maniac Magee, Wringer, and Eggs. So I'm still waiting... This wasn't a bad book it was just a little bit too childish even for me. I mean the main character was different and I liked that he literally laughed in the face of danger but I don't know... it was too innocent.

One right after the other I read a book about bullying. Lucky me, right? Well this was a change of pace from what I just read because it was a YA read. Zinkoff was a real sweet kid and there was some nice sentimental things going on at times but it was just okay for me.


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