March 2012 Cover Love

Another month another new batch of beautiful covers....

It annoys me that there aren't an even number of Cover Loves this time but whatever...
My picks for Cover Love for this month are Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, Jump by Elisa Carbone, and The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith.

The cover of Paranormalcy is so fantastic but then the character is nothing like the stoic girl in the front image. I think it's her pink dress from the Prom... I have a thing with girls on covers. I know I have already admitted it but it's so true and then there are girl's in the cover withe dresses. Now THAT clinches it for a beautiful Cover Love.

So happy that Jump came into my life! There are hardly any YA Sports reads out there especially one with rock climbing. Loved the story and loved the bright colors and scenery that is the cover. Plus the Heart in the middle that I just noticed... *shakes head at themselves*

The picture of The Rules of Inheritance has become so symbolic now that I've read the book. It instantly drew me in. A rebel of a girl with short hair, a cigarette in her hand, and clearly something heavy on her mind. It's a moment. It is a perfect moment that captures the book perfectly.

Ah. I can't wait to find more beautiful covers.... already have some in mind (of course I do).


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