City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I finally relented and got this book. I have nothing against it. It's really popular but it never interested me that much. It was out of the norm. It actually had a "bad boy" who wasn't a complete ass. He wasn't really one ever actually. He was painted to be the bad boy but he never did anything wrong. He fought for his friends... He may have had a sarcastic attitude and could be a little mean but  I really didn't see it which made me really like him. Because bad boys can be overrated. You're cute for a second but then everything goes down hill because you are really wrong for the girl and you try to "reform" but you're still a jerk in my eyes because you act all tough and are never really sweet. Jace is there with Peeta with me. He's not super nice but he has the dark and good side on his... well side so he wins me over.

Getting ahead of myself there. Jace as you can tell is the love interest. Clarissa or Clary for short goes to a night club for all ages called Pandemonium (remind you of a certain book?) with her friend Simon who sounds really boring even though he can be helpful.... She sees a boy killed by these three invisible-to-everyone-but-her-tattooed-teenagers. From then on she gets sucked into the life of the Shadowhunters who help keep the Downworlders (regular people) safe from demons and werewolves, vampires, etc. who have gone rogue. But the thing is why can she see them and everyone else can't? What did her now kidnapped mom keep from her?

This actually ended up being pretty good. The whole premise and the characters were... fresh. That sounds weird but that's what they were. You couldn't say that Jace was exactly like this person and this book is just like blank. I'm talking about Jace too much aren't I? *smiles* At the end I couldn't believe how he was acting... pretty disappointing. Simon I knew about. It was pretty obvious but I don't really much care for him. Alec was a nice surprise. He started out cocky and so self assured and ended up being too... careful. I wish he just stayed the same. Well when he told Clary off that was something. Clary was cool... Honestly the book didn't WOW me but I still ended up liking it a whole bunch. Clary was just Clary. I liked how again she didn't resemble anybody else. She just has to get tougher. If she doesn't I'll probably not finish the series... I'm sure she will. I don't know why I'm being so harsh right now. It kept me reading that whole almost 500 page book and it was really good. I'm just expecting better for next time especially since that is A COMPLETE LIE with Jace and Clary at the end... It has to be. It better be.


  1. You didn't like Simon? I loved him with all his pop culture references, but I definitely liked Jace more!
    That whole Jace/Clary dilemma better not be true. I agree with you it better be a lie! :P

    1. I did like that part of him. He was kind of entertaining in the beginning but he was very... mundane.

      I think it's the fifth book but it was them together so I doubt it's true.

    2. Haha. MUNDANE! I love that word so much. Hopefully in the next few books what's really going on with the Valentine/ Jace/ Clary situation will be explained.

  2. Replies
    1. Everyone keeps telling me that and he gets so much better in the rest of the books so I'm sure I'll like him...eventually (:

      Thanks for stopping by!


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