The Traveling Restaurant: Jasper's Voyage in Three Parts by Barbara Else

Released: March 1st 2012 
Jasper is just an ordinary boy who lives in a place where the monarch is oh so adorable! Or that's what everyone says in fear so they don't get taken away. He doesn't understand how people do that. He also doesn't understand why his mother keeps on telling everyone that he is ten instead of twelve. And then he sees Lady Gall put something in his little sister's mouth and everything goes haywire after that. He's left alone and ends up going on a ship with a restaurant that has an odd set of people that he soon finds out are not only odd but important. They're against Lady Gall taking the crown but I don't even they would have expected this much trouble from an ordinary boy like Jasper. Stealing orphans, bribing pirates, and you the reader discovering that this isn't just an ordinary boy after all.

Well this one took me awhile so you know it wasn't as captivating as it could be BUT that doesn't mean it was bad. It actually was pretty good. Another "I didn't expect" type of book. I would just say it is for a certain type of reader. It's a journey but I thought there would be more action less talking. Jasper is very likable and I felt sorry for him because everyone kept calling him plain and he was anything but. He loved his sister very much and his sister was a toddler so that's love! I know I shouldn't say this but it was too long. The average middle schooler is not going to keep there attention on this book for that long. Again it's a certain type of reader. An actual READER. Someone who likes to read a lot. So other than that this book was a unique one. The plot was a great one with an evil monarch wanted to take over who was kind of reminiscent to the one in The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. I'm happy that I finally got to finish it and it ended nicely.