Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Amy's tired of her parents acting like they actually care about her and not there ever loving relationship. She's always felt alone in her life. She's had friends before Julia. Friend's that treat her like crap and now it's Caro a.k.a. Corn Syrup who gets the abuse of her former leader Beth who could ruin your life in a second. Amy's so thankful she had Julia but now that she's gone she doesn't know what to do. She still hears her mother's whisper Murderer and knows that is what she is she'll never escape it. Now her life is After Julia. She has to deal with Laurie with her questions and pen clicking. As well as Mel who just talks and talks. Patrick is there too. Her almost... he's always quiet and she wonders what his sadness and anger mean. Love You Hate You Miss You is about choices in our life and whether or not we can forgive ourselves.

This was a pretty good book. Amy got to me when she started to describe their way of life. Alcohol, drugs, and sex. And maybe I don't know the people who do that and maybe Julia was a nice person but seriously I look at the people at my school and can't think beyond what I see. I really need to stop doing that. But the way they talk... so that was that. I felt bad for her. She was lonely because her parents were the opposite of what other books and actual people portray. They love each other a lot. To the point they are making out. Ugh. It's cool that they love each other so much but she was like a burden to them. I'm glad they were trying at least.

I actually liked Patrick and all his weirdness. I'm surprised other girls didn't. Girls like guys that they can "fix". But that wasn't it. He had a tough time and you know he saw life completely different. A way where you can have conversations with him that mattered. It was really weird that they just touched and were going to do it. That can't be realistic. Also the whole sex thing in high school... whatever. But it was a good book. I liked it. It was different then what I expected but again it was still good. I'm happy that I read it.


  1. Great review :)
    I've been wanting to read this one since the book was published but some other book always pops up just as I'm about to give it a try.

    P.s. Cute blog I'm you're 22nd follower!

    -Kimberly @

  2. Thanks so much! Will check out your blog (:


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