Ivy + Bean by Annie Barrows Illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Bean is the type of girl who can never sit in one place for too long which means she is bored easily. When her mom suggests she talks to the new kid that just moved in their neighborhood. She seems like such a nice girl. Bean knows that's code name for Boring! All she does is sit on her porch and reads. She's always alone and doesn't seem to mind while Bean on the other hand is friends with everyone... Big kids, little kids, whoever...

Then one day she wants to scare her sister into submission. She wants her to stop being bossy. She's helping her really. But then it doesn't go quite as planned and incredibly Ivy helps her out. Ivy actually turns out to be just the person she needs.

This was a sweet friend book. It was better than I expected. Ivy ended up being pretty cool. I liked her anyway even is she only liked books... well you know why but she actually was even more interesting than that. Sophie Blackall who did the illustrations did a good job. I've liked her other illustrations before and am glad I finally read one of her books even though she didn't write it. So it was a good children's chapter book that I'm sure girl's will appreciate.

Ivy + Bean