Are You Alone on Purpose? by Nancy Werlin

This was on one of my Library Saturday's list. It has a different cover. I grew to like the library cover. The other one doesn't have Harry who is also a main character. So this one suits it better even if it isn't the greatest cover ever.

Harry and Alison are NOT friends. Harry is consistently bullying Alison because she is such an easy target. She's a nerd who has only one friend and all she does is read books. She also has an autistic twin brother named Adam. Harry likes to play sports and has had to repeat the eighth grade book over again. He's the son of a Rabbi who doesn't know what to say to him. That's alright with him. His father isn't the person he wants to talk to anyway. His mother died years before and since then they have been on edge with each other. It's mostly Harry because well his father frankly doesn't have the guts to say anything to him.

One day a letter arrives and her mother drags her with her to see the Rabbi (Harry's dad) because he won't admit him to Hebrew school because they don't have anyone equipped with being able to handle him. Her mother goes off in a tyrant and says something about Harry. Something that made me wince because I knew he was going to become just that...crippled. She didn't say crippled exactly I don't think but she said something along the lines of I hope your kid becomes more disabled than my son because he is a nasty mean little boy and like father like son. Something like that. And the same day...

So Harry's father decided to tutor Adam one on one because he thinks God was punishing Harry for his dad not allowing Adam in Hebrew School. He is actually mesmerized with him.  He does this but he still is tense with his boy and Alison sees that. Not only does she feel bad because she wanted ill will on Harry but also because he is in a way like her. Invisible. Alone.

Really loved this book. I love how they became friends in the end. I didn't expect Harry to start up with curse words. I don't really care I just wasn't expecting it. It's nice to see the bully conform but it is kind of disturbing to see t go down this way. The book could have added a little more. More in general and more about Adam. Harry was a little too harsh in this and I thought t was a bit excessive but other than that I loved this story.

The letters at the end... I wish it was that easy. Well that's it. Happy Reading!