Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee Illustrated by Dan Santat

Bobby Ellis-Chan doesn't know what happened. His almost best friend Holly isn't speaking to him anymore. She just glares at him behind Jillian Zarr's cold stare. Jillian hates boys. Bobby used to think Holly was like him with her wild hair, her love of all things muddy, froggy, and well... boy. After not seeing each other for around a month she has changed. Her once nest style hair is now sleek and shiny and she's even wearing a dress! Then they stopped talking after a few... mishaps. With an election coming they are pitted against each other. Will they ever be able to put what happened behind them and become true friends?

Of course I was right to read a book illustrated by Santat. Loved his illustrations. Bobby and Holly's relationship isn't one I understood at first. Why didn't they hang out with each other in school? I don't remember elementary being like that for me. But I do remember if you did hang out with a guy a lot everyone would say that you liked them which consequently could make you lose a relationship... But that was what they had to deal with. Bobby didn't really know how to react and I was laughing at him because he would just say the wrong things. Mean things without even realizing it. I couldn't really blame him. He's a boy. But I did feel bad for him. Living in the shadow of his father which I thought should have been played on a little more. And his speech! Poor guy. All in all I really liked it. It was a great light read for kids.