The Roar by Emma Clayton

First Speculative Fiction Challenge for 2012!!! Yay! 1 down 23 to go.

Ellie is flying across the Earth with her monkey friend (yes I said monkey) Puck back home. Home is London. Home is beyond The Wall where people have been living since The Animal Plague when animals destroyed and killed everything in it's path. Now everywhere it's just a huge melting pot where different mixes are living together. Some in not so great places like The Shadows where folded up houses are flooded all the time, it's completely dark, and there are a couple of deaths everyday and climbing. But the rich up high don't care. The government doesn't care. They let the majority of the citizens eat food that's not even real. Food is too expensive. Now Ellie was taken away a year ago. She has escaped and is planning to go home. Her brother. Her twin brother whom she has never gotten along with but now that they've been apart... all they want to do is be together.

Mal Gormon is responsible for taking her away. He's not supposed to be alive... Ellie is "special" so he took her awa. She was born a mutant. She just had web toes but it's so much more than that. And other mutants are pretty interesting as well. Meanwhile Mika cannot believe that his sister's dead. He will not believe it even when his parents beg him to accept it or even when they find her body in the former Thames River. When the Government starts giving Fit Mix which are supposed to be vitamins to all the twelve and thirteen year olds he refuses to take it. He's the only one. There is one thing he wants that the Government has provided. To play a game called Pod Fighter. He feels connected to Ellie and he knows that he must win the competition to find her. As everyone else fights for credits (money), hovercars (which I wouldn't mind winning), and a house at the top he fights for her but he can't tell anyone. He meets some friends along the way including his fighter pilot Audrey with her "wolf eyes" and also enemies. His main one being Ruben a foul little boy who just lives off others hatred of him.

Wow. This book was AMAZING. I can't believe I didn't read it right away but waited till I finished others first. Why would I do that? It is soooo good! You don't even know! Hopefully I can translate my love of this book here. It is a dystopian for the likes of I've never read before. No love triangle here but I don't care. The bond Ellie and Mika had together? That was priceless. It was just... so cute and sweet and devoted. Their devotion...well mainly it was Mika's devotion to find his sister was just wonderful. I really liked all the characters. The good and the bad. The way they described Gorman was so creepy and descriptive. A skeleton basically with the soul barely clinging on or something like that... This book was really fast paced. It's almost like 500 pages but you read it super fast. I just can't describe how amazing this book was. It just was.And the ending! THE ENDING!!! There will be a sequel and I'll be reading it. It ended so oddly. It was just getting good! Beyond recommended! READ IT NOW!