Favorites of 2011:The Characters

On to the next Favorites of 2011 which will probably my favorite section... characters! It'll probably be the toughest too because I love basically ALL the characters I come in contact with.

Favorite Female Main Character
I've got to say again Before I Fall has the best female character. There were a lot of girls that were pure awesomeness like girls always are but she just moved me the most.

Favorite Male Main Character
I absolutely LOVED The Maze Runner so I have to pick Thomas. He is the reason why I loved the book. The Scorch Trails confirmed it even more. He was just so wrapped in mystery and he was sort of psychic! This series has been one of the greatest twist series ever! I forgot to say that in The Books section but now you know. I can't wait to reread them all and finish the trilogy. I'm sad but extremely excited.

Best Couple <3
So hard! Three books stand out in my mind as having the best couple. The Education of Hailey Kendrick, Delirium, and Divergent. All the guys I love. It comes out really to what girl was the best and how the relationship was. And the winner is The Education of Hailey Kendrick. Divergent for me wasn't as a great of book altogether as much so that means I didn't like the couple as much. I really loved Delirium but same thing as Divergent. When Hailey met Drew everything came together wonderfully. I liked her way more with him. She was a whole different person. A more entertaining one and strong. Even though they weren't exactly going out they were still my favorite couple.

Who I Fell Completely In Love With (New Literary Crush)
I fell in love with three. Thomas from The Maze Runner, Jason from Rules, and Danny from Mexican Whiteboy... really hard...I'm not going to put Thomas... Jason even though he was handicapped I did fall completely in love with him. Danny was amazing as well. I'm not going to decide on one. Those are the two(yeah I make up my own rules!) Danny and Jason. I LOVE them both.

Who Broke Your Heart The Most
Again it has to be from Bridge to Terabithia. Leslie. You know if you read it...

Favorite Sibling Relationship
From Rules Catherine and David. She did treat her brother unfairly at times but I forgive her because she fixed her problems. She's trying and David was so cute.

Bonus: Best Love Triangle
Oh no were going there! Oh goodness... Definitely Matched had the best love triangle. I know I know it really wasn't much of one but it looks like it will be a problem in the next book... I just loved Cassia and Ky together so... I think Xander is going to be a very interesting twist to it all in Crossed.


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