Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Hazel and Jack are best friends. They have been for six years. They are pirates, knights, and anything else they want to be. There love of everything fantasy is what brings them together from Narnia to Wonderland they are always in their own world making up heroes and villains. That is a problem for Hazel at school well her new school... everything is so structured. Rules about how to act and even how to be it seems. Hazel has had a completely different view of school for most of her life where her imagination is encouraged and rewarded. Here she doesn't do any of the work and stares out the window all day. Mrs. Jacobs doesn't like that she does that very much. But it's all okay because Jack is in her school and she gets to see him during recess and of course after school too. They live right next door to each other. Yes. That is cute.

The reason why she can no longer go to the school she wished she was in is because of her father. He kind of left. He left and is marrying a new person. Not her mom. He doesn't talk to her. He finds it awkward I guess. Her mother annoyed me throughout trying to get Hazel to make new friends. ou know why? It's because Hazel is a boy. Really? That annoyed me a whole bunch. She wants her to spend time with Adelaide who she hasn't seen for years and who never understood the greatness that is the fantasy world. She does meet up with her and it turns out alright. Alright with her but not with Jack because you see he got a piece of glass in his eye. Yeah. I know what your thinking. Okay... but I shall continue on! It's a magical piece of glass. An evil piece of glass which makes him be mean to Hazel without really knowing it.

Then he suddenly goes away. Tyler, the not so nice friend of Jack, tells her he saw something odd. He left with a woman in a sleigh with huge wolves attached to her. There was something wrong with her. Something cold. So Hazel ventures on in the woods and meets danger there including a couple who are on the surface nice to her, magical objects that can literally kill you, the three sisters(I know! There in here randomly), a woodsman, and more to make a great magical tale about the power of friendship.

I feel bad for Hazel not feeling like she can't fit in because she's Indian and adopted. She thinks thinks this is why she doesn't fit in with school, her classmates, and later on her best friend. Her mother didn't help. She was pretty horrible throughout. It's nice to have other friends but the way she talked about Jack... The book seemed to be missing some things. The end seemed liked it needed still some things to be resolved also it was completely abrupt. It was a really weird ending but I've got to say this was a really good book anyway. All fairy tale lovers will well... love this book.


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