Rules by Cynthia Lord

Catherine's little brother is autistic. She has to have rules for him since he doesn't act like he's supposed to. Rules like Pantless brothers are not my problem or No toys in the fish tank hence the cover. As you can see there is a rubber ducky in the fish tank. There are other things that get in there because of David and Catherine makes up what they are saying there. Catherine has Rules of her own too. She has to constantly make sure her brother doesn't embarrass himself well more like her. She sometimes wishes he was normal and that he could stick up for her.

See there is this boy named Ryan who likes to tease David and David doesn't know that he's making fun of him. I don't know how his mother doesn't know he is like that but whatever. Kristi is her new next door neighbor. She so badly wants her to be her best friend and play at the pond or use Morse code with flashlights. She discovers that she isn't the ideal friend especially since she likes to hang out with Ryan but she does show some morals I guess you'd say. She teaches something to Catherine that you wouldn't have expected from her.

On to JASON. I HEART JASON! He is so sweet. She meets him at OT which is therapy. Physically not emotionally. Jason is in a wheel chair and only can communicate with flash card type things. He has some real boring ones so she asks if she could make ones for him or it might have been the other way around I can't remember. Anyways Jason is the sweetest guy. I knew that he was crushing on her and if SHE BROKE HIS HEART SO HELP ME...!!! Sorry. She learns some things about herself and the way she feels about David from him as well as Kristi. It was a fantastic book and you should definitely go out now and read it! You'll love it! (: Thank you for reading my ranting and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


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