The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June by Robin Benway

April, May, and June are three sisters whose parents have just divorced. After May's tequila breakdown they decided to move. Now there at this new school and about two weeks into it strange things start happening. I know I'm sounding cliche.

April is the eldest and she acts like it. She's pretty protective over her sisters especially June. She's the book worm and gets straight A's. She's bossy too. It all starts with her and her waking up seeing red. We find out later that she can see the future. You know there's going to be trouble already. She can look at people or think about people and sees things. She does this with this guy all of a sudden. They are going out and kissing and other stuff... which wasn't necessary. She knows something with June is going to happen so she tries to prevent it.

May is the middle child and feels completely invisible which is actually her power. Becoming invisible. She is kind of goth I guess. She's a loner too wit absolutely no friends like ever. She's sarcastic all the time and as you read earlier took the divorce hard especially since she was so close to her father. She needs a tutor in the beginning and gets stuck with Stanford Henry. He wears everything Stanford. He is rude when he first meets her and she gets angry at him all the time.

June. Oh, June. She is 14 so I guess it's okay for her to be immature but she is really immature! Her goal is to be... wait for it! Popular. Yeah... She sees Mariah as her gateway to that popularity. What she doesn't know is all the issues she has. And her jerk of a boyfriend Blake who doesn't even think about her and she would know because her power is reading minds. She gets really angry at her sisters treating her like a child.

This was a good book but it lacked. It could have been way better. It had so much potential. But my mom was right it is a little slow. Only a little. I guess I wanted the action right away. I don't know it just seemed like the big event and leading up to it could have been better. It could been more dramatic and the writing could have been better in that way.


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