How to Train Your Dragon: the movie

As I said in the last post the book and the movie of How to Train Your Dragon have completely different concepts. Dragons terrorize his home and take the villagers sheep which causes the Vikings to want to fight back. This all results in their homes being severely damaged with fire! So they don't train dragons they train to fend themselves against them and kill them. Hiccup is his same awkward self but he looks a little different. He is still very intelligent and he even creates useful things throughout the movie.
The Night Fury is like the Nightmare dragon but way cooler! He is more stealthier. He is not small but he does stand out of the crowd. He is the dragon that everyone (I guess you wouldn't say fear?) sees as the strongest. He's a pretty funny character when you see him starting to open to Hiccup. The only reason is because he is stuck in this low place after Hiccup actually hurt his wing. They bond together after awhile and he creates a something to help him fly. They fly together and now he knows that dragons aren't all bad. Toothless actually does have teeth but they are retractable. He imitates Hiccup and looks oh so cute doing it. (: He is also very protective of Hiccup when he brings in another character.

There are no longer 10 boy initiatives. There are 6 of them including 2 girls. One of them is of course someone that ends up being close with Hiccup. A little love is not a bad thing after all. She is the most promising initiative yet and when Hiccup shows her Toothless, after she has been following him around because he suddenly became such a great dragon fighter, she threatens to tell the village but after some coercion in the form of flying she changes her mind. Her name is Astrid. Unlike the book Hiccup doesn't have Fishlegs as a best friend. There is a threat on the movie too in the form of a gigantic dragon. The other initiatives are Snotlout, Fishlegs (which were in the books and who both look different especially the big Fishlegs), Ruffnut, Tuffnut (the twins. Tuffnut was in the book but didn't speak I'm pretty sure. Ruffnut is the girl twin. The twins are pretty funny as are all twins are in movies), and as you know Astrid.

All Hiccup really wants to do is prove to his father that he can be a fighter. His father Stoick the Vast is more present in the book while his mother isn't even there which is pretty much all right because all she says basically is one sentence. Their relationship together is more prominent in the movie and it's a really good part of it. It's very sweet.
Well that's the end of the review. I hope you enjoyed it! (:


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