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January 2015 Plans

Happy New Year! It's almost 2015!!!! I wanted to end 2014 with my plans for January. If you don't know I created a yearly challenge that will have it's first monthly link up tomorrow. You can check out the challenge and sign-up here if you want. So I'll be reading a few books for that challenge for the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas. Yes, I'm trying to do the challenge in alphabetical order at least for now. I'll probably deviate right away... 
I'm planning on reading ninety-six books in total for 2015 - that's eight books a month. I'm going to try to read a series a month because I'm so behind with my series.
Personally, I want to exercise five times a week which I might be able to do hopefully with the help of #FitReaders. One last thing I want to do is eat more healthy so whether it's actually eating fruit and vegetables or creating a meal I want to do it this month. 
I'd love to know your plans and the books you are lo…

2014 Favorites: Favorite Series and Favorite Book

I wasn't originally going to write about my favorite series but circumstances led to me having to explain my favorite book so I'm unveiling my favorite series here with my favorite book. My favorite series of 2014 was the Shatter Me series.

I've actually gone back to read Shatter Me and parts of the other books after I read the whole series. I love to reread but I haven't wanted to read a series this much and this quickly ever. Not even with Harry Potter - probably because I'd seen the movies fifty million times beforehand but still. I love the romance in this and I love Juliet's growth. It's a really fast and sometimes intense read that I'm sure I will love for years to come.

So I thought I was going to go with a completely different book then the one I chose. I was originally going to pick Shatter Me because I love the series as a whole but then I got to writing about the book below and I realized I loved it on its own. So I made a series category and I…

2014 Favorites: Covers

I tried my hardest at narrowing down my selection of favorite covers but there are fourteen of them on here. I love them all in their own way. All these favorite covers are of the books I've read this year so they might not be the prettiest compared to what's out now but I love them so here they are:

What's your favorite cover of the year?

2014 Favorites: Couples

And now we come to couples. Probably my favorite part of a book is the romance and couples in the stories - I love romance. Watch out because there are major spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

So I've only read the first book in this series so this couple might change but for now I'm shipping Yelena and Valek. This couple snuck up on me. I know that most people say that they saw it coming or it was predictable but for me it wasn't. It was a very slow romance which is always wonderful compared to insta-love (in most cases). I liked that this was a surprise. I really liked then how I saw the protective side of Valek towards Yelena even though she is a known criminal. It felt like a careful and sweet romance even with all the horrible situations that Yelena had to face. They truly ended up loving and trusting each other by the end of Poison Study and I can only hope that they stay together by the end of this series.

*sing-song voice*…

Top 5 Villains of 2014

This is probably going to be the only top 2014 books where I don't put favorite in the title because I'm not a fan of any of these characters. They are terrifying and if I met them in real life I would hightail it out of there. The books below aren't in any order because these villains are all mostly, equally horrible. Watch out because there are spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

I will be writing about the whole trilogy so you have been warned! The Fugleman is a political figure in the city of Jewel where children are chained up to Guardians or their parents whenever they are outside the comfort of their home so that they won't be kidnapped or killed. Let's say the Fugleman ensures that Jewel's children stay oppressed. He controls the city by fear and will do anything and kill anyone who gets in his way. He even goes as far as sending assassins to kill our two very young heroes - Goldie and Toadspit. He foolishly le…

2014 Favorites: Male Protagonists

Now on to the boys. *smirks* I don't have that many male protagonists on this list like with the female protagonists list. The girls really overshadowed the boys this year. However, there are some really great male characters that I've read about this year. Unfortunately they aren't all boys who are actual protagonists on this list. It's more like my favorite male characters in 2014. But, I already made the little picture and everything so I'm going to leave it like that. Watch out because there are spoilers for the books below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

I have a tricky relationship with Jacob. I was so-so with him the first time I read about him. Then I read the graphic novel version of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and I started liking him more. It might have been the manga style he was drawn in but nevertheless he's better in my eyes. Jacob goes through the most craziest experience all because he wanted to know if wh…

2014 Favorites: Female Protagonists

So I'm doing a thing. I've reviewed all the books I've read in 2014 and put everyone into categories with my favorites in each one. I find it only appropriate to start out with my favorite female protagonists since I read so many books with girl POV's this year. Watch out because there are (minor) spoilers for the Museum of Thieves and All These Things I've Done below. If you don't want to know then skip the book!

Kyra is a poison maker. She throws darts full of poison at her victims well there is really only one person she wanted to make a victim of her former friend, the princess. Kyra is not only skilled at making poisons but being a Seer which is something she tries to deny but she couldn't deny the chaos that she sees in her world's future. So she becomes a fugitive when that fateful dart misses. Kyra is the type of girl that does not need saving. In most cases she's the one doing the saving. She battles off massive creatures to save her friend.…