Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

In spite of myself I'm loving this cover. I know I know there eggs. What's to love? But I'm crazy so don't be surprised to see it in the February Cover Love.

It all starts with eggs. David was forced by his Grandmother to go on an Easter Egg Hunt because she wanted him to make new friends. He moved not too long ago and doesn't have any. But the main reason is because of his mother. Yes I'm going to get all sad on you now. His mother died less than a year ago. His grandmother tries to replace her he thinks. And he's not having any part of it. At nine he acts a little bit more mature but other times like a little kid. He doesn't obey her rules but he does obey the rules. He has to....

He finds Primrose (I know! Like Katniss's sister!) after he's trying to pick up an egg and discovers underneath it and a whole pile of leaves her. He thinks she's dead. He tells her about himself. I think he talks like he has never before to her. He thinks she's dead but finds out later she's alive in a very abrupt way. She ends being very... quirky to say the least. She lives in a van with no wheels and she moved out of her mother's home that looks like a garage. She gets egged all the time which I didn't believe at first but the book doesn't dispute.

They argue like crazy. It's adorable. He scowls she says some witty comment. Or he questions her and she growls. It's a beautiful relationship. But seriously there pain brings them together at a time when they needed someone. David is introduced to Refrigerator John who has a kind of limp I'd guess you'd say. He just laughs at there shenanigans. Well until it goes too far....

The father is kind of nonexistent in this story. He only sees him on the weekends because he works where they used to live which is 200 miles away. He's according to his grandmother "overwhelmed" which means to him less time spent with him.

Jerry Spinelli has done it once again. He has produced two of my favorite books: Maniac Magee and Wringer. I have doubted his other books and I don't know why. I am truly crazy because I absolutely loved this book. There was nothing wrong with at all. It wasn't even cheesy! And yeah I do like some cheesiness but I prefer it not to have cheesiness when dealing with serious subjects such as this book had to deal with.

David's and Primrose's relationship was to die for especially when it was described by Refrigerator John. Damn it Spinelli. Do you like to make me cry or otherwise make me supremely happy!? I think I'm falling in love <3 He is sure to be soon one of my favorite authors. I have a rule where you only become on of my favorite authors after I've read 4 books of theirs that I have really liked or loved. He has produced two of my favorites but he still is no exception to the rule. But look at this cover. He can even have a cover without the title in it! HE DEFIES ALL LAWS! As you can see I loved this book. Read it. Like now.