Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Yes I am randomly reviewing a classic. This book took me THREE WEEKS to finish. Finally. I feel so accomplished now.

Oliver Twist has been dealt a hard hand in life. It all starts with his mother. She walked miles barefoot which are bloodied and swore. No one knows who she is or where she came from. All they know is she's about  to have a baby. And she does. And then proceeds on by dying. Just like that. Mr.Bumble is a beadle which is a church official names him and all the other orphans under his care. He came to the T's so he named him Twist. Oliver Twist.

I don't know what is up with that century or time or whatever but the people are evil. They hit kids like no tomorrow and do the same to each other. There barbaric! So Oliver has been pushed around all his life. One day him and a couple of others draw straws or something like that and Oliver figuratively draws the shortest. This is the changing point of his life. It will never be the same. If he knew what he was going to have to deal with he might have chickened out. Well maybe.... They are given hardly anything. They are basically starved and I think that's exactly what the Beedle says too. So he says one of the most famous lines in literature that He wants some more.

Now how does he dare ask for more? This gets him in to trouble which gets him in to even more trouble when he's basically sold for work at age 8? Because of course that's a very suitable starting time to work. And on his journey he meets thieves. Of course poor innocent Oliver never thinks of them as that until he actually sees it. He's innocents saves him throughout the book.

I never expected Oliver to be so... less than courageous. He cries all the time. I expected him to learn a trick or two and be clever like Tom Sawyerish. He suffers a lot and cries a little bit too much. You feel sorry for him because the world is really cruel to him. Everyone comes after him because Oliver Twist is very different than the other boys who easily get into the life of thievery. It's like I said before his innocence and personality that sets him apart. But why are all these people worried about one little boy? Could there be more to the story?

The answer is yes. There is definitely more. He produces friendships and caring people who if they have never met him may not have changed their ways.  Even though it took me three weeks to read this book it was worth it. It was the language that got to me. Otherwise it was really good. Oh yeah. Oliver being kind of weak annoyed me. Sometimes I rolled my eyes on how they talked. Rose and Harry specifically. Especially Rose. It was surprisingly different then what I thought. It had plot twists and turns and even though it's a classic (there are rarely any one's I like) it was satisfying. Now I won't say anymore because I'll ruin things. Hopefully I've given you enough detail so you know much more than the famous quote.


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