Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

"Three boys.
Three deaths. 
One School."
A year ago Brooklyn's boyfriend Lucca died in a car crash now his best friend Gabe committed what suicide? Or was it an accident? She doesn't even know because they grew apart after his death. He overdosed and she can't believe it. He was given a chance while her boyfriend was not. Now the pain is even more unbearable. Everyone keeps dying around her. People keep leaving even her mother left with her twin brothers leaving her alone with her father who can't do anything so she does it for him. Making dinner, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry.

She writes in her journal well Lucca's journal everyday. Tells him how much she misses him. Tells him how much she loves him. She has changed after his death. She won't make art like she used to. Won't draw her flowers. Everything is grey now. And then her dreams turn gray and ugly too because Gabe comes in them and then she runs away fear gripping her. He won't leave her alone either. Why is she dreaming about him when she's supposed to be dreaming about Lucca? What does he want?

Nico is running faster than ever. Running from the pain of losing his brother. He may be all cheery on the outside but it's only a mask. Impenetrable. Not only did his brother die but his best friend and even though he feels that everyone rather have Lucca here than him he still misses him. Bad. And when Gabe dies he feels it again but more anger then pain. How could he do that when his brother is dead? Why did he have to create more pain. Now the school is up to three deaths the first being a boy named Jackson that died about 6 months before Lucca or something like that. Then Lucca comes to him. Telling him to help Brooklyn. How's he going to do that? He isn't him.

I have been waiting to read this over a year and when I finally open it I'm like "What the...?" It's all because

The book
is written
like this.
It's called
which I
have no idea
what that is.

And I was like "Oh no!" Only because then I wouldn't be able to get to know the characters more. I liked it at times because some of the things said were powerful but other times I didn't especially towards the end because it was just too much. I wanted to get to know the characters. I wish there was only some verse. Or maybe it wasn't that. Maybe it was just that the characters didn't have much depth.

The whole thing with Gabe was really engaging me into the story. But then when he finally caught up to her I was disappointed. I thought it was just dumb. Why? It was just disappointing. Nico and Brooklyn's relationship was the good part of the book. Nico was sweet to her but then that's it. It wasn't as great as I hoped. It was just okay.

There were two sneak peeks of her other books and they sound exactly the same. Sorry but I don't think I'll be reading them.


  1. I've wanted to read this book, but your reviews got me a bit hesitant. It sounds exactly like this authors other novel I Heart You, You Haunt Me. You know with ghosts and everything...
    Well anyways great review!

  2. I'm pretty sure that book was before this one. It sounds like the one haunting, Jackson, is the boy in this book that was first to die.
    Thanks! (:


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