Fall Scavenger Hunt // The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Aha! I am catching up with my scavenger hunt reviews. I am finishing my thriller read and then I'll pick a favorite to reread. This time, though, I wanted to write about my cozy pick, The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I've been waiting to read this for so long on Libby. At one point I got sick and wasn't paying attention to my phone so I had to place a hold on this book again! In total, I waited more than two months! Was it worth it? 

Lady Camembert has no interest in marrying a man. Her father knows this and tells her what to do after his passing. She must move far away and disguise herself as a man. That is the only way she can keep her life as it is intact. So Lady Camembert becomes Count Camembert (Cam for short) and moves to the capital of the Kingdom of Fromage. She brings along her most loyal maid, Feta, who tries to make sure Cam keeps a low profile. But Cam is hard to ignore with her deep love of fashion that catches the eye of Princess Brie. Soon Cam is spending all of their time with Brie and doing the one thing she shouldn't be - falling in love.

Positives: Everything about this graphic novel speaks to me - the artwork, the foodie references, and the romance. It's also such a funny, light-hearted read that doesn't take itself seriously. Even though grilled cheese isn't my thing all the cheesy names had me chuckling. Brie's dog is named Gouda and her friends are Ricotta and Gorgonzola (Zola for short). I really loved the friendship between all for ladies. They are all so passionate about fashion and charity and they are such a fun group to follow. 

The artwork is perfect because it shows off the humorous side of the story. Cam herself is very expressive, stubborn, and all-around hilarious to me. Her facial expressions were so fun. I loved her relationship with her maid, Feta because Feta acted like an older sister. They were usually either arguing or Feta was comforting Cam which is where I got those sister vibes.

Some of the last graphic novels I've read have felt they were missing something. They didn't feel complete but I was able to be left satisfied that there were no plot holes and no rush to the end of this story. Truly a wonderful read.

Negatives: I didn't like that Brie was unaware of Cam being a girl for so long. I wish she had known all along because there was no indication that Brie liked girls. She was actually distraught to find this out which took away from the sweetness of the romance. It would have also been nice for Brie to be like "I know you are a girl and I've always loved you" to Cam. I guess the conflict would have had to have been different but I don't know I just think it is unrealistic to how this would have played out in real life. 

Final Thoughts: This was such a cute, uplifting, and cheesy read. I loved the humor and foodie references. The passion for fashion and the friendship goals were amazing. I am so happy with how everything turned out with Cam and Brie I just felt like Cam being a girl should have been known/revealed sooner. Basically, I wanted Brie to not be so conflicted with falling in love with Cam.


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