#FitReaders Check-In: February 10th, 2023

I thought I would have seen an upward trajectory already but habits don't work like that. I admit I haven't been paying attention to my goals. But this is why I am doing these posts - to keep myself accountable and motivate me to do better. February has just started and it won't defeat me!

Let's see how I'm doing:

February Goals

  • Improve squat form (Less weight, more depth, widen stance while squatting)
  • Squat 105 lbs
  • Drink 24 oz of water (5/28)
  • Cook 5 meals (3/5)
  • Lift at least 5 days (0/5)
  • Exercise a total of 12 days (2/12)
  • Walk 6,500 steps a day (4/28)

I have not lifted in February which is a shock! I have to soon or my anxious nature will make me put it off further.

The steps could be better and the water intake is pretty abysmal since I lowered the goal amount from last month.

I am happy about how the meals are going but you would laugh at what they are. Whatever... less frozen food is a step up!

In two weeks expect a significant change because I am paying attention now. I am determined to get those numbers up.