August TBR: Foodie Rivalries, Enchanted Swords, and Series Beginnings

I've been reading a lot lately and to encourage that reading I have created a list of books I want to read this month. There are mainly fantasy and romance books on this list. I am enjoying my comfort genres but I'm also venturing out in a very small way by trying to incorporate more adult books. I was a lot more adventurous in my reading for the past two years so it's time to get back to it. 

Swordheart - I heard about Swordheart in one of Riley Marie's vlogs. I thought the concept of an enchanted sword who is really an imprisoned swordsman falls in love with a housekeeper who wields the sword to be wholly original, hilarious, and so much fun. She really sold it. I ended up buying a copy since my library doesn't have one.

Delilah Green Doesn't Care - Although I don't appreciate the graphic sex scenes in most if not all adult romance books I still want to give some a try. Delilah Green Doesn't Care is one of my most anticipated reads. It sounds like such a perfect romance with childhood rivalries and unexpected romance. 

A Little Hatred - I finally started A Little Hatred years after putting it down. I still vividly remembered what I had read before I DNF'd it years GO so I am glad I'm finally giving it another chance. This is a very positive out-of-comfort zone read for me because I think I've only technically read five adult fantasy books in my life. Fantasy is my favorite genre so that is a crime but also it gives me a lot to explore.

The Swallow's Flight - I really loved reading The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams so much that I want to explore more historical fiction books. This one has been on my mind for months and I am finally in the mood to read it.

The Midnighters - I like to listen to middle grade audiobooks since I am a children's librarian and should be able to recommend books to readers even when I have very few chances. Secrets and friendships are at the heart of The Midnighters. I think it sounds very whimsical and would be a great read. I happen to be the only one who bought it in our system so I have to encourage others to read it even more now.

The Shelterlings - There are only two physical copies of this book in the system and luckily one hold right now. It has such a great cover. I for sure would have picked this up as a kid. This is an animal adventure with magic mixed in. 

A Curious Beginning - I put this on my tbr list after Aaron from Booked and Busy recommended it to Kayla at Books & Lala and she loved it. I am in a historical mood as well. This reminds me of the show Miss Scarlet and the Duke so I'm hoping it gives me good vibes.

Café Con Lychee - Another one I've been waiting for that I should be able to check out in August. I love foodie books and romances so this is the perfect fit for me. One family has an Asian American café and another has a Puerto Rican bakery. I'm excited for the delicious food descriptions more than anything!

Half a Soul - This is another book I saw a YouTuber, Jessie Mae, read and love. It's a magical regency romance and it ticked off everything I need in my life.

Nothing too out of my comfort zone but I'll get there by the end of the year. Are you interested in any of these books? What are you planning on reading next?


  1. I think it's great to read within your comfort zone! Branching out is fun but it's always nice to come back to something you love.


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