Yearly Goals Check In Pt. 1 [2021]

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There have been changes recently in my personal life (happy changes) that made me think back to my yearly goals. I am in a place now where there is a sense of relief and a belief that I can actually achieve some goals again. But first I have to take a look back to see what I thought I would be able to accomplish.

I had quarter goals which I completely forgot I was doing.

Genre Goals

I have now almost completely eliminated my goal to read books from certain genres and challenges in general. I'm terrible at reading series so I don't know why I even attempted that. I would still like to read more horror, sci-fi, own voice books by Latino/Hispanic authors, and reading the Bible. But do I want to set these as goals? 

Diverse Book Goals

I also wrote that I wanted to read more diversely without forcing it and actually that has been working out. I've just added a bunch of diverse books to my tbr that I am really excited about and picked them up naturally which has made me happy.

Unread Books Goal

I had the idea that I should read books on my shelf that I haven't read before but I don't want to force my reading in any way anymore so that goal is gone. 

NetGalley ARCs

I am currently at 79% feedback ratio with 11 books yet to read. I ended up getting too many ARCs at one time (shocker) so I am very behind. 

Special Projects

I wanted to do at least one Special Project each quarter based on a theme or genre I am neglecting. I have done a few reading experiments, resource guides, and fun discussions. I have technically only done two Special Projects based on my description (Giving Horror a Chance and Do I Like Poetry Books?) but overall I think I've done a good job creating a balance of reviews and projects.

Top 5 List

I have stopped doing a Top 5 list of books I wanted to read in a month. I'm not sure whether I should bring it back but I took it away because I didn't want to have a set tbr. However, I always create one on the side. I finally decided to pair down my reading to a list of four to five books so I can mood read the rest. I think I do have good ideas for Special Projects but then that makes my reading a chore. I think I had it right before to limit myself to one Special Project a quarter. 

New Goals

My new goals have to focus on taking the pressure off reading certain books even when I want to do interesting projects. If I do want to do interesting projects or read specific books I have to read them right when I am excited about them. For the end of quarter 3 I want to:
  • Read and review 2 NetGalley ARCs
  • Read and study Spanish vocab from Un Finde Terrorifico by Silvia Abril (3 to 4 Chapters)
  • Have 1 Special Project (Reintroducing the Hispanic Book Discussion)
  • Read up to 60 days of the Bible
  • Read books with mom
I have been so focused on the quantity of books and what I need to read. As well as thinking others are reading so much more than me and that I won't have anything to write about on my blog. But reading is ultimately my favorite hobby. And although I want to do cool things on the blog, I rather have a short list of goals and books to read. That way, if inspiration strikes I can mood read and not feel like I have to complete a long list.

My anxiety has been very up and down but I feel like I still have pressure from work, but it's not as much as before. I finally was able to transfer to another branch where I don't have the pressure to do absolutely everything. I have been talking to someone and have been taking small steps to be a happier, healthier person. As a result, I've really loved blogging this year. I caught up with commenting for a while but need to get back on it. I don't feel a crazy amount of pressure to post all the time (only a small amount 😅) so I am doing well on that end.


I have created a list of bloggers that I think have some really great thoughts on books. I plan on going through them and commenting when I can. Giving myself 15 minutes here and there so I don't feel overwhelmed with having to comment all in one go.

Fixing Three Sections of My Blog

I have fixed two out of three tasks I set for myself which were to fix my about me page and adding a genre drop-down menu. I also have a new profile pic, blog header, and background which I am really happy about.

View Count

This was a silly goal that I knew I was close to but I did hit 400,000 views. I am now at 425, 911 views which is a lot for me. 

New Goals

By the end of this quarter I would like to:
  • Visit new and old blogs at least once a week
  • Hit 429,000 lifetime views


I have stopped running since June but I did train and complete a 5k with a PR. I walked so much during the first half of this year. It's really hot now and I don't know where to find it in my schedule to walk all the time.

Strength Training

I did about three to four weeks of strength training in March and then stopped. I've picked it back up again. I didn't realize I only put myself to do only one workout video a week. That's actually very kind of me. I am strength training again but don't have any consistency.

New Goals
  • Reach at least 5,000 steps average a day
  • Complete at least two walking exercises or walk outside
  • Complete a strength training video twice a week

I wanted to make 6 new dinner recipes and three new dessert recipes in the first quarter of the year which is laughable. I need to change my goals completely. For the end of the quarter I want to:
  • Eat a set number of calories every day
  • Have at least one healthy food a day

I tried sewing and didn't really do anything with it. I really want someone to teach me how to use a sewing machine. I also finally drew a bunch of characters during a span of like two weeks. Surprisingly, I've made four tie-dye shirts, delicious popsicles, and lavender soap. I've been doing crafts with my mom and it has been nice to do it with another person. I think moving forward I need to keep this in mind when I am doing a creative project. By the end of this quarter, I want to simply make a candle.

Um... Okay, I am not consistent with the cleaning. Only in small spurts. But in those small spurts, I have been able to have my bedroom relatively picked up which is a win for me. And I finally reorganized my drawers. To become consistent I really need to buckle down but also be realistic. By the end of this quarter I want to:

  • Do one load of dishes every other day in the morning
  • Do my laundry every Saturday night
  • Vacuum once a week on my day off
  • 5 min. cleanup at least three times a week

I routinely put on some sort of skincare in the morning but I haven't been perfect. I have set new goals regarding the care of my skin and teeth. My nails are fine and my hair I will get to later. I've been keeping a habit tracker lately on important healthy habits I want to work on. My goal this quarter is to be consistent with tracking my habits.

How are your bookish and personal goals going?


  1. That is a lot of goals! But it's good to go through them once in awhile and evaluate the ones that aren't working for you or need to be adjusted. Good luck with these for the rest of the year!

  2. I love your breakdown of these goals and that you reevaluated many of them. I love how you've handled reading diversely. I've always tried to focus on a specific list and of course it always falls apart. I've been upping my exercise lately which has made me feel much better and am doing pretty well on my reading goals. I desperately need to get back to cooking as we eat out WAY too much!


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