Mindful Ramblings 012 // Graphic Novels & An Almost Perfect Romance

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This week I became obsessed with A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert. It's truly *chef's kiss.* And like I predicted, I want to read a lot more romance and graphic novels especially after my reading this week. It feels like I'm finally at a point where I am excited to read more than ever and my reading has reflected that. I was really into my Bookly app but apparently, the free version ends after adding 10 books. So I got annoyed, and now I am trying the Read More app, which is working out for me. If I continue liking the app I'll review it on my blog. 

Books Read

In the last week, I've read 5 books and DNF'd 1. The majority of my books read are graphic novels and fantasy.

  • Witches of Brooklyn - Great art and a very fun witchy story. Review to come soon.
  • A Girl Like Her - Absolutely loved! I'm not someone who likes sex scenes so that's why I consider this almost perfect. Review to come soon.
  • Beetle & the Hollowbones - Surprised this was categorized as middle-grade fiction. Felt very YA. The art and colors are spectacular. Loved this one. Review to come soon.

  • Primer - Eh. I get where it was going but this wasn't over the top amazing but still a good one for younger readers.
  • So This is Love - Finally read A Twisted Tale! Pleasantly happy with Cinderella's story. Review to come.
  • American Betiya - This is the one I DNF'd at 31%. I didn't realize this was going to have so much during the toxic relationship. I thought it was going to mainly focus on after the toxic relationship. I was tired of reading about the jerk she was dating.

Want to Read

  • The Duke Who Didn't - I went on an hour-long search for a book that I would love as much as A Girl Like Her. I wanted to read about minority main characters after I figured two of my TBR romances didn't feel all that interesting anymore. The Duke Who Didn't was the clear winner especially after I heard there was food involved and the father is over-protective in a funny way (he supposedly gives the hero spicy food to mess with him 🤣). I worry that the hero's too playful natures will throw me off, but as long as he is kind, not pushy, I'll be happy.
  • Princess Florinda and the Forty Flight Tower - This one has just been screaming out to me. I recently did the mid-year freak out tag and this book plus A Girl Like Her were under my need to read by the end of the year category. I think loving that book made me want to dive into this one.
  • Sugar and Spite - I'm almost done with this and I'm really enjoying the lesson that I can see coming from this one. Character growth is my favorite thing. Also, more food descriptions in my reads are always a yes from me.

Last Week on the Blog

I was planning on writing about Horrid by Katrina Leno and how I don't consider it a YA book but the forty-five book list was too much for me that I didn't get the chance. I need a lot of time to think about that post, so I will put it off until later. I wish I posted more than two posts plus my weekly recap. I need to get ahead!

Blog Updates

I got a new blog header and background thanks to Kat from Novels with Waffles! My blog designer, Gabriela from lovelogicdesign, helped me with adding the background code. She's the best! I highly recommend her blog designs and she is very responsive way after you add her blog design. I'm not sure with what yet, but I may ask for more commissions for my blog with Kat. I had a really wonderful experience with her. My background looks very Cheshire cat which I didn't expect when it was added but I love it. I wanted a dreamy feel to my blog and who is more dreamy than Alice? I'll definitely have to think of more ways to make my blog come even more alive. 

Next Week on the Blog

  • COYER Sign Up + TBR
  • A double book review of Finlay Donovan is Killing It & Arsenic and Adobo
  • A list of books on my TBR

Artist Feature

This week I am featuring the artist Xindi Yan. She has illustrated for multiple books including Grandpa Grumps, Craftily Ever After, The Itty-Bitty Witch, and A Dog-Friendly Town

Have you recently become obsessed with a book?


  1. I absolutely LOVE the new blog header! Kat’s work is truly amazing, I love them ❤️

    Ohh happy to hear you enjoyed A girl like her, as it’s sitting on my tbr aswell. I’ve also been wanting to read a twisted tale (love the covers!) but I haven’t yet.

    Kristina @ books-and-dachshunds.com


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