Mini Reviews // 2 Sci-Fi's and a Romance


Mini reviews! The solution to all my problems. There are some books I want to talk about but not necessarily write what feels like my usual thousand words about. Below you'll find some mini reviews for some recent reads. Two of them being sci-fi's and one romance.

If you haven't heard me gushing about Aurora Rising here's your chance. This is a YA space adventure where a group of misfits including a mysterious girl being woken up from cryosleep hundreds of years later, go on a journey of a lifetime. What I loved most about this book were the varied personalities. Aurora's mystery, Kal's broodiness, Tyler's natural leadership skills, Scarlett's quick mind, Cat's adventurous side, Finian's wit, and Zila's weirdness. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the innuendo. It's very strange to read in a YA book. Scarlett's storyline seemed to be only the boys she's dated and how she looks. This had a really wonderful climax and twist. I really loved being shocked. Aurora Rising ended up being one of my favorite books of 2020.

My first book read this year was Aurora Burning. A highly anticipated sequel to Aurora Rising. It was not as good as the first but still well done. There were some predictable moments that I guess were meant to be twists but I saw them a mile away. I didn't like that we spent so much time in the Echo. And I wish Aurora and Kal's romance would have slowed down a little. Also, I kind of feel like I know where the third book is going. If not, I'll be genuinely surprised which is a good thing. There were still some good moments. I liked reading about Zila's past. She's one of my favorite characters in this series. I think she needs more chapters with her POV because she has so much more growth left in her. On the other hand, I think her character arc has been done the best because of the slower pace of her arc. I really liked Kal and Aurora more in the first book but again the romance was a little too fast. I wish Kal thought of more than just Aurora. Scarlett was just alright. She is my least favorite character so that makes sense. I like Finian so I wish there was more of him. And another favorite, Tyler, had some great moments. I am kind of annoyed yet still happy where they are taking a possible love interest subplot but I'm not sure. He had a lot of page time just like Aurora did but his chapters were a lot more compelling. I'm hoping the last book does a better job but we will see.

Radiance is the oddest premise of a romance I've read. It features two different species getting married for an alliance. One is human and another is Kai. The Kai have yellow eyes with no pupils, fanged teeth, greyish skin, and can't stand the sun. They both aren't attracted to each other but eventually fall in love. This was exactly the romance I needed. I was looking for a slow romance and this kind of fits the bill. I did think Brishen and Ildiko were affectionate towards each other really quick but not in an instalove or ridiculous way. They didn't rush into anything which was really nice. They got to know each other. They respected one another and were really sweet with each other. I couldn't stop reading their love story. I did think that it ended kind of abruptly. I was expecting a bit more detail with Brishen's scene toward's the end. As well as the ending scene being kind of thrown in there to move on to get readers to want to read the next book. I think if they want to go with a conflict like the one chosen then more of the world should have been shown. There should have been more conflict or detail about the land throughout the story. Not just the beginning and the end. I'm not sure. I just felt like it was missing something. I don't think I'll be continuing on. I got what I wanted out of the story and had a good time. So I'm happy with just sticking to this first book.

I don't know if any of my reviews would actually be considered mini but whatever 😅
Do you have any space adventure or slow-burn romance recommendations you think I'll like?


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