Horror Book Resource Guide

I am so excited to show you all this resource guide I came up with. I want to do genre specific resource guides so that everyone can use them to discover new books. The first one I picked was horror which is the one that I am by far the least experienced with reading. But, seeing as I've been searching out and reading more of this genre I thought I'd do myself the favor and start with this one. This is a basic guide for those who are new to horror or anyone who wants to discover more horror books.

This isn't a comprehensive list. It's what I could find and what appeals to me. I plan to add more in the future and if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.


Apex Book Company

Broken Eye Books

Crystal Lake Publishing

Grey Matter Press

Grindhouse Press

Haverhill House Publishing


Off Limits Press

Silver Shamrock Publishing

Raw Dog Screaming Press

Tor Nightfire

Trepitadio Publishing


Bram Stoker Award

International Horror Guild Awards

The Shirley Jackson Award


Note: There's obviously a lot of horror writers. These are just those that stand out to me that I want to read/have read. I'll put the book(s) that got them on this list below the author's name.


Bark at the Ghouls

Char's Horror Corner

Erica Robyn Reads

Ladies of Horror Fiction

Let's Get Galactic

RA for All: Horror

Too Much Horror Fiction


Alicia Reads

Cameron Chaney

Erin Megan

Harpies in Trees

Jordaline Reads

Kasha's Book Semetary

The Shades of Orange - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thrillers too.

Typical Books • Horror Fiction

Book Service

Night Worms


Goodreads has a ton of lists and readers of horror fiction. Once you find one book you can look at what the reviewers are reading/want to read. There are also horror lists you can find on there that have plenty of books you may have not heard of before.

Let me know what you think of this guide. 

Is this perfect for the beginner or should I add more?


  1. This is a great resource! I love the links to bloggers who focus on horror.

    1. Thank you! I found a couple more bloggers to add to the list. Hopefully, I can continue improving it as I get into horror.

  2. I think this is great for the beginner! I really want to read something by Brom. And I love Joe Hill. Another option for bloggers is - https://www.ericarobynreads.com/


  3. I don't read horror a lot but I do like a good spooky read now and then. This is great to know!


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