June 2020 TBR + feelgoodathon

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Summer! My Favorite time of the year! I am so sad I can't go to my favorite place on Earth - the beach 😭. Well yet, I might figure out a way to go when there are very little people and it's allowed. I am so lucky to have parents with a pool so hopefully, I'll be relaxing by the pool soon. I'm in my *hopefully* last semester of my graduate degree. I'm also moving at the end of June to my brother's condo. I miss spending time with my brother so I'm so excited that it's finally all coming together. I painted my room, bought some furniture and comforters, and I started moving my books. I need to buy some more key elements but it's tough to do during this time. I need curtains, a desk chair, a mattress, some pillows, and a fluffy rug. I'm ecstatic by this move while also procrastinating an assignment that I need to get done soon or I can't graduate. I'm so tired of school that I've cared less and less, unfortunately. Back to back school for all your life will do that to you. But once everything is set and done I'll finally be free and a little bit more independent. 

I'm really excited about my reading this June too. So many good books! I'm happy that I'm incorporating more middle grade and diversity. I'm actually doing well with reading and reviewing ARCs. I think once school is over I can fully commit myself to blog once again after years of doing it honestly half-heartedly (at least that's what it felt like especially thanks to the great reading slump of 2018). I love summer. I love reading. I love blogging. This is the start of the most hopeful time in my life for what seems like ages. Anywho, for June I'm participating in the feelgoodathon which is happening from June 1st - June 14th. It's a readathon with ten prompts for reading (you don't have to do all of them but if you know me then you know I'm doing the majority) and ten for self-care things you can do for yourself. I'm choosing to do nine prompts for reading and self-care. I'm planning on reading a little more books because I can't control my TBR. Without further ado, below is my June TBR.

A book you have high hopes for

Pizza Girl has such an unorthodox cover and interesting plot centering around a delusionally pregnant teenage pizza delivery girl who is stalking a single mother. It just sounds amazing and I'm expecting great things. I also chose Docile just in case Pizza Girl doesn't come into the library on time. Docile sounds like a really messed up adult dystopian. It's probably the opposite of a self-care book but it's one that I'm super excited about. 

A short book

Kiki's Delivery Service is getting reissued with this beautiful cover. I remember enjoying the movie by Miyazaki when I was a kid so I was excited to get the ARC of this beauty. It's kind of perfect for me since I love witch stories and my mom works at the post office so I love anything related to mail.

Finish or continue a series

Shock and awe! I'm finally going to finish this series (at least the main part of the series). I know the major thing that's going to happen in Spell Bound but it's fine 🙄. It's funny reading this series, I feel like I remember it differently. I might do a series review after I finish the fourth one.

 A book with your favorite trope

I had to look up an example of book tropes (I only know romance ones) and they sound like themes that happen in multiple books so I chose Five Things About Ava Andrews since it features a shy character who comes into her own. In case it doesn't come into the library in time, I chose Midsummer's Mayhem because it's a retelling that also features food. I love retellings and food so two tropes I love in one!

A book you picked up because you loved the cover

Just look at this cover. Tell me you don't want to read it. Then I find that Lauren Oliver, the author of one of my favorite books - Before I Fall, wrote this. Then, I read the summary for The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar Street and it's basically the MC being a vet for magical creatures. Yes, please.

Read one of the hosts favorite books (Jes)

I wasn't planning on doing this prompt but I happened to have Summer of Salt and it is the start of summer so this is the time to read it. I just realized too that it works for me reading more diverse books this summer so that's perfect! The narrator is waiting on her magical powers but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. The island is a magical one and this summer plans on being one too filled with a new love.

Buddy read a book

After finishing Dorothy Must Die a friend on Goodreads asked if I wanted to read this sequel so I thought why not. I secretly want Dorothy to be with Ozma but I doubt it'll happen. I'm kind of hoping it goes that way though so I want to see if that happens.

Read a book younger you would have loved

I bought the sequel of this book when I was much younger because I liked Redwall so much so I know younger me would have liked it. All I really know about Castaways of the Flying Dutchman is that it's an adventure story with a dog and possibly pirates? At least I get pirate vibes from this cover so I'm more hoping than actually know that there are pirates in the story. A girl can hope.

Read a book by an author you've never read before

I usually don't read a lot of authors I've read before which is funny because this June I'm planning to read four books by authors I've read before. This is not a usual occurrence. So this was an easy pick. The Degenerates has a very interesting plot where there are these girls that are deemed dimwitted or defected and how they rise up to show that they are not. I know one is club-footed and I believe another likes girls. It has such a pretty cover as well so I'm excited to see if I'll end up liking this or not.

This Train is Being Held is set over the span of three years and I love that because slow-burn romances are always the best and that's what I'm hopefully getting.

American as Paneer Pie is an ARC I received that I can't wait to read. It has to do with food and has what looks like pizza on the cover. Yes, I do have two books with pizzas on the cover on my TBR list. I don't see a problem.

Lakota Woman is this memoir about a Native American woman's experiences growing up. I'm very interested in Native American culture and the different tribes. I know now there are many problems with alcohol, drugs, and land issues. I think it'll be interesting to read from a different POV.

If I have time, I'll be finishing A Little Hatred, which I thought I would have had done by now. I at least started this time around and I'm 153 pages in. It's so easy to read which I wasn't expecting. I'm glad I'm giving adult fantasy a try again.

What are your reading plans this June? 


  1. Wow! Lots of good books to read. I haven't read any of these- but I just ordered American as Paneer Pie after listening to the author talk at NerdCampCT. The book sounds so good. I also met the author of Midsummer's Mayhem at a conference in the fall. She is so nice and I have that book on my TBR list as well. Good luck getting to all of these. Hope you get lots of pool time at your parents' house. I would love a pool right now. I have been itching to go swimming.

    Also- how exciting about your upcoming apartment move. Good luck getting the things you need. :)


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